Feature request: Steam trading cards


As topic title says, it would be nice if Steam trading cards would also be added to GZ, including all other items that come with those, like: badges, custom chat icons and profile wallpapers.

For badges, there could be 5x normal levels and one foil level, with badge icons like so:
Normal badge lvl1 - Tick
Normal badge lvl2 - Seeker
Normal badge lvl3 - Runner
Normal badge lvl4 - Harvester
Normal badge lvl5 - Hunter
Foil badge - Tank



Yes it’s been 2 years and such, but I feel like we have more capacity for cool stuff like this now.
I feel like Trading Cards would be a GREAT addition, gives us fans something to collect AND it generates some revenue, so the shareholders would be just as pleased :wink:

My suggestion would be one Trading Card for each type of machine including the Reaper, for a total of 7 cards. Forming a badge would give us a cool profile background (I would automatically equip that!) Maybe some Steam Emotes too?
I would really like to see that!


I like this idea it could also have interesting facts and rewords For collecting them. There could be more than 7 cards ranging from tje gnomes to fnx or tidbits of lore


Yes, there can be more than 7 trading cards, depicting whatever devs would like to showcase. I don’t know the max limit of trading cards in Steam, but out of all my Steam games, Subnautica has most of them, 14 trading cards.

As what can be depicted on trading cards:

  • scenery
  • machines
  • devs
  • key moments in story (but then it would be spoiler)
  • weapons

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