FEATURE REQUEST: Third Person Camera

With the way this game is designed. I personally think a third person play camera would be a nice option.

Honestly, I play these types of games for the cosmetic appearance and more of an rpg style. A third person view would be a nice way to oggle at my appearance and items I’ve unlocked.

Does anyone else agree?


Not really sorry.
It works better as an FPS.
The animations are not very good, and some are lacking.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R as a 3rd person shooter looks very weird and not good at all,so GZ would look almost the same.
COD players also look weird when seen by others.


Oh no doubt the graphics and animations are sub par at best. Still doesn’t deter me from wanting the option though.

That being said as an “option”. Those who prefer first person, just keep the view. Those who would like third person, could toggle the view. So everyone could have it set to what they like.

This isn’t an fps competitive game where view of the camera is dependent on any outcome. So personally I think it would be a neat option for those who wish to use it.

I would agree with Mr_A1992.
Instead it would be fun to have a first person view for the bikes.


That would be beyond terrifying being Tank chased. lol