Feature request - weapon extensions in plundra

Do you know the situation?

You want to switch weapons or extensions.
So you go to your plundra, move the new weapon and its extensions from your plundra to your inventory. Then you close the plundra, open your inventory and add the extensions to your weapon.

That’s one step too much.

Why can’t we add the extensions while inside the plundra?

This way we would be able to see much faster what extensions in our storage are able to use with our weapons and don’t always have to the extra step over our inventory.

Additionally it would of course be nice to be able to move an item/a weapon, while using the plundra, directly on a slot of the wheel.

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If you add all the attachments, minus ammo, you like to the weapon before you store it in the plundra, they will still be attached when you remove it to use it. This holds true if you do not remove one of the items attached to your weapon while it is in the locker.

It would be nice if the weapons and attachments would show what is attached to the weapon, like when you carry them, while they are in the plundra.

As far as the auto slot assignment, there are 8 slots, which slot would it auto assign to and would it remove whatever is in the slots too? I wouldn’t want to add a weapon and it take the place of my health kits

One thing that is nice it was added in latest update, is the on/off switch when picking up a weapon if ammo is attached or not.

I know, but…

… that would be nice, too.

I didn’t mean an auto-assignment. Manual, like in the inventory. I don’t want to open the inventory every time after I used the plundra to manage my equipment.

I recognised this option, but missunderstood. Thought it would equip the weapon to your hands if switched ON.
But even with switched OFF sometimes the ammo will be attached. If it works correctly it’s great.

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Honestly the worst part for me is that inside the plundra view there is no way to see which extensions are “free” and which ones are already in use with other weapons.

After 2 years i have all 5 star extensions in the right 5 star weapons.
But, in a few months when the new weapons are brought to the game, each time i want to add extensions to them i will have to get ALL weapons out of the Plundra, only then i will be able to choose what i put into the new weapons or not.
It´s a bit ridiculous.
We just need the same system already in use in our Inventory, Weapons extensions in use are visible.

We want that same system built into the Plundra devs!