Feature request - weapon-wheel adjustments

Ok, before this idea gets lost in discussion, I create a new topic for that one.

The discussion went about different experiences with the weapon-wheel and the usage of the different weapons and items. Beginners have and use others than experienced players.

But beginners, even if they get all experimental weapons by other players, should still feel like beginners with limited ressources. Well, they don’t have the upgraded carry capacity from beginning, but this can change rapidly within a few levels.

First idea:
Change the wheel that each slot has a special purpose. *

  • Slots 1, 2, 3, 4: primary weapon or item
  • Slot 5, 6: secondary weapon or item
  • Slot 7, 8: just items

Second idea as addition:
Bind the available slots at the characters level. *

  • Slot 1, 3, 5, 7: Available from beginning
  • Slot 2: from lvl 25 on
  • Slot 4: from lvl 30 on
  • Slot 6: from lvl 40 on
  • Slot 8: from lvl 50 on

*as examples.

This could look like:

By this you would have 4 slots from beginning.
2 for primary weapons or items, 1 for a secondary weapon and one just for an item. The 4 slots would be at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock and therefor on the quick-access buttons for consoles.

With the first and second next steps on the ladder you would get the availability to place more primary weapons or items on the wheel.

With the 3rd step you become able to place another secondary weapon or item on the wheel.

And with the final 4th step you get another item-slot.

You would be forced to place at least 2 items, but may have up to 8 on the wheel.
You may have up to 2 secondary weapons, but don’t have to.
And you may have up to 6 primary weapons on the wheel, but don’t have to.

For example you could choose to place 2 primary weapons, 2 secondary weapons and 4 items there.

Most important facts are, every system would have the quick access from beginning, you can’t just place primary weapons everywhere (more usage of secondary weapons), but you’re free to personalize the wheel a bit AND there would be another reward for leveling a character.

Even if you get all experimentals from beginning, you would have to choose wisely what to place on the wheel, because you may need a third weapon (besides the two primary weapons a secondary one), but you may need another item, too.

It’s just an idea and maybe not perfect, but we can discuss and improve it. (for example the order of the slots 1 to 8 regarding keybindings on pc).

Thx for reading.

Edit: replaced image by the correct, the edited one.

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Alrighty theennn… I agree it needs a revamp, but I would prefer it if we could:
A - choose which slots can only carry the one
B - not have the level so high
C - get the slots via a skill or mission rather than levels
D - maybe not have all of them specialised, maybe have one or two generalised slots that can contain anything

While I’m here perhaps the emote wheel could also be revamped by:
A - having “offshoots” of the wheel (by this I mean we can have emotes similar to something like overwatch, like how you press a second button to get onto another similar menu)
B - with these offshoots, perhaps commands for our companion for one offshoot
C - sprays - many other games have sprays, where you paint on a rock or something. This would need to be made so that some surfaces can be painted on, and others cannot

Aaaannnnd block of text over

before the weapon wheel It was to restrictive to only a few choices and the slots would only take select items, like 1 and 2 were for weapons and 3 was for pistols and melee stuff only.

A beginner player would not have enough stuff to need to use all 8 slots, and why restrict their selections on what slot for what? Kind of restricts the player’s style then too. Having access to all the slots also allows a beginner player to use more of all the stuff they collect like the mines and gas cans for early game trap setting, using flares and EMP stuff and so on. And now that a bundle purchase includes DLCs and instant access to those add-on items. So leave the wheel the same as is now, but where other have issues then address those issues only. Don’t go back to restricted selection or limited slots based off skill level

As far as commands added for the runner, add them to the same wheel as the “tricks” are now.

It’s just an Idea and it’s already 9 months old.

And it’s not just a quick thrown in, I’ve explained its pros and why I think it could be an option to think about.