Feature Requests


Observations from around 50 hrs played. PC version

Feature Requests

Stacking System: The system has to be micro managed which sucks.

Example Recommendations to fix:

  1. If I detach the bullets from my gun, the system should stack them onto a per-existing stack if there is one.
  2. If I am looting a box with bullets (or other stackables) and my bags are full except for partial stacks, the system should loot whatever can be stacked
    2.a. System should be smart enough to loot partial stack from box given bag stack cant accommodate all loot from box.
  3. Loot should also stack on bars instead of only into backpack. For example if I have 4 small EMP grenades on my bar. The next one I loot should be added to that stack instead of into my bag.

Storage or Bag space

  1. It isnt fun not being able to keep guns you find. Im fine with not being able to carry them and having to store them. It takes a while to find a gold version of items and it feels bad throwing them out because of space.
  2. Take all should have a hot key. Take should have a hotkey
    2.A. loot screen should be numbered so that user can quickly use keyboard to select items they want


  1. I am so tired of being kicked out of games because someone wants to play solo. Please fix it so that people cant join if its invite only. Also, system should save user preference so that it doesnt have to be set each time.


  1. description and stats do not seem to match up. Example: hunting rifle says its weaker than assault rifle in description. Compare its stats to automatgevar 4 though and it is stronger… so, which one is it.
  2. Bars are ok to show stats, but numbers would be really helpful. I would be able to see exactly what the difference is between guns and how their quality boosted their stats
    2.A. with a number system, user can see how some attachments might improve their gun. Example items: silencer, muzzle extension

Skill Reset

  1. I would think of a way to allow for this or take away the lvl cap. I would vote for taking away cap but making it so after XX lvl it takes the same exp to lvl.


Enemies can teleport into room if aggro (yellow bar): This especially happens with bunkers when player is underground. Enemy detection radius should somehow be reduced if player is underground and enemy is above.

Dead enemies make sounds as if they were still active. This seems to happen if I died, respawn, then return to location where I was fighting.

Dead enemies physics collision gets bugged especially if they die next to a wall or door. They jitter and make noise. probably hard to fix this.

the radio you get when sonar tower is destroyed: jitters before being looted

there may be a glitch when attempting to use emp grenade on enemy when someone else is using emp rockets. Since i dont have anyone to test with not sure. seemed like once emp rocket was used on a tank the emp grenade stopped working. may have just been a random glitch but I for sure used 4 and none stunned the tank… emp rockets however were working. Think it was a 3 player game.

not sure why this happens but two containers can spawn in each other. Leads to things like 4 doors needing to be opened (two left, two right)

boxes can spawn in scenery on shelves. not a huge deal.