Features of gas masks

I think that something that is necessary as an addition to the quality of life of the game would be an option that visually when you wear a gas mask you could decide if you want to have the vision filter active or not, in addition to the fact that it is cool that you can find masks with tinted windows but I think that logically there should be more colors like red, green, blue, yellow…

I think this is not the first time I have read this type of request.

Furthermore, I thought I noticed that there are mods that do it but I think it is something that should be basic, the filter thing in my opinion should be there, the dye thing is clearly more accessory since it is not something that is important but if you put 2 colors, I think adding 5 more basic ones wouldn’t have been difficult.

Greetings from Spain.


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Hello, mods violate the forum policies so I’ve had to remove the link.


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In my opinion, the best thing they could do with the masks would be to give the player a way to quickly put it on and take it off without entering the inventory/appearance menu. On console, something like “hold right stick” to toggle “on/off.” Like the flashlight is just a click of a single button on console, the gas mask could be a hold or a button combo—like “LB+RB” for another possible example. PC, you guys would be free to assign it any number of different ways. Really, console guys should have that option as well, but the earlier examples could be fine for default.

Soldiers or emergency personnel keep their gas masks handy, so that they may put them on and take them off quickly, to respond to changing needs in a combat or emergency environment. Even our characters, formerly civilian/student, ought to figure out quickly that they should handle a gas mask the same way—a large pouch on their belt, a messenger bag sort of arrangement, whatever, just as soldiers do or did at various times.


Great idea. Gas is a fairly regular and lethal threat so this seems warranted. I’ve often found myself wishing I could quickly equip. My suggestion would be to make it usable in the weapon wheel screen, with an icon nearby indicating on/off.

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I disagree with the weapon-wheel.
Yes, it would be a legal option which would allow us to equip/unequip it quickly, too, but there already are complaints about too few slots on the wheel and about being forced to place the binoculars on the wheel, if we want to use it.

Additionally it must be a solution which works for PC and consoles. In the past I made multiple suggestions how it could be done, but currently I cannot recall which one was the last or the best idea. At this point I absolutely agree that it should be as simple as the flashlight is. A single button press to activate/deactivate it. That’s also something I would wish to have for the binoculars, but that’s not the topic now. If the existing buttons on consoles don’t offer a free space for these functions, a combo of two buttons is an idea, too.

In the past I often thought that the dpad would be ideal to place a flashlight, binoculars, the gas mask and maybe healing on.

In this case there just have to found a new solution for switching ammo and firing mode, but that shouldn’t be that hard… Just different. For example we could use the weapon wheel as Trigger for that. Open the wheel, select the weapon with the right stick and then press dpad left/right for changing firing mode or ammo for the gun. Would work, but wouldn’t be as quick as it is currently.

So which item/function has higher priority to be accessable easier/faster?

Idk. I guess that also depends on everyones playstyle.

Last but not least, I didn’t use gas masks or binoculars for years now. Why? It’s currently too time consuming or needs space on the wheel which I need better for other items/weapons. And I don’t really need them. I don’t use the hacking skill and I avoid gas plus there are no rooms with gas that I need to enter again… Or I just heal myself if needed.

Switching firing mode is something I don’t do often. Switching ammo on the other hand is used more often, but not every time… Sometimes for switching to emp-rounds and back (firebirds)… Rarely for switching to experimental ammo and back.

But that’s just my opinion and way to play.


I like the gas mask itself and using it. I’m in for immersion/realism over convenience of not switching items and tools. Of course, that’a just my preference.

I didn’t mean in the weapon wheel itself I meant on the weapon wheel screen off to the side somewhere in a dedicated box (possibly near the wheel itself, bottom right) then RB over to it while holding weapon wheel button in consoles case, RB again to use wheel again. (Or something like that)

Maybe group other non weapon/clutter items there like the binoculars and allow switching of that category, whatever item is in the category is equiped when leaving the weapon wheel screen allowing quick access to gas masks and the like.


I usually just run in, run out quick, :slightly_smiling_face: with enough med kits, I don’t wanna switch mask just for 10 secs & switch back, and the entire game only has like 3 rooms with gas anyway, not sure about poison cans work or not, and the poison cans explosive only works with robots, the gas does nothing to robots only peoples

my gnome mask should offer protection, but it doesn’t, anyway

I had a thought, the other day, while talking to somebody about the emotes. I was explaining to them that there are third-person emotes, where you can’t move while doing them…like the dances, or different poses…and that there are also first-person emotes, which you can move about and do other things while the emote plays…like pointing, giving the thumbs up/thumbs down, waving, etc.

Would it maybe be possible to somehow tie putting on and taking off the gas mask to an emote?

Picking up a gas mask gives you both the mask and the emote; you are then free to put the mask on or take it off from the appearance menu, but you are also able to equip the emote to the emote wheel… Using the emote will trigger a short animation, either third-person or first-person (would be the ideal option, so movement is possible while it plays out), and put on/take off the mask. (Perhaps, instead of putting on/taking off the mask from the appearance menu, selecting it there would instead be picking which one the emote would apply…)

My first choice/highest hope is still that it would be just a button hold or button combo press, as mentioned before. This emote bit is just a strange wondering about the possibilities, what might be an alternative.

Somewhere else, it had also been suggested that giving the dog different behavior commands (stay/go/follow, attack/defend) might be tied to certain emotes, if possible. In that case as well, it would be interesting to know if it might be possible or not. Part of what lead me to think about it for the gas mask, here, was remembering that.

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