Features that need to be fixed

Loving the game so far. But there are some thing that need to be fixed.

  1. Mechs teleporting or phasing through wall, attacking you through walls.
  2. Make everything stackable
  3. MELEE! Give us a melee button, like the R3 button (pressing down on the stick) so that we can tack out the ticks in CQ situations
  4. Backpack expansion. Rather than item, make it so you can carry a certain amount of weight, and you carry more with finding backpacks and other clothing that allow for more carry capacity
  5. New Game +, or the ability to start a new game regardless
  6. (More of a bug and glitch this one) Fix the map so that all locations OTHER than Safe Houses don;t disappear every time you continue your game.

That’s everything I can think of at this moment.


making everything stackable is too OP. plus it wouldnt make a whole lot of sense since currently with what you can stack, it makes sense to, stack ammo, of course. a group of grenades on your waist, sure. 4 rockets stuffed in a bag that you dont carry/show, that’ll work. carry around 10 massive boomboxes tied and dragged like a train behind you? eh, no. some stuff is ok to be stacked but others is just too good to happen. wont be much of a challenge if you can just toss 5 radios around while you runaway and hoard more stuff.

backpack expansion would be ok but nothing too big, especially since you can unlock more slots with skills so it would just render that skill useless if you can find a backpack that gives more.

you can start a new game/character. ive been hearing that when you do though it saves all the missions and markers but thats a bug that shouldnt happen. you can still create a new character anyways.

Bigger backpack would be nice, just one line more would be enough for me, or just an locker where I can put my guns and stuff I don’t need right now.

And im for melee to, hitting some doggos (runner) with an bat would be so awesome but I would be go with an rifle attack, so I can push em back or give him the last hit or something ^^

But the rest is in the other characters and the map problems surely in the next patches so that’s no problem :smiley:

Absolutely agree with this list. Had hunter teleport through wall in barn I was like wtf. I woukd like to add they need to fix hit boxes too

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YES! Having a Hunter on top of a building meleeing you through the roof, also they need to tone down the AI lock on… Hunter performing mid air turn in melee attack is not fun.

Nobody has seen that runners can stick their head through walls and see you with this? I have this problem a lot. Moving into an garage and they just stick their head through the wall and get alerted… XD it’s not only the hunters the most bots have some problems with walls. ^^

its all, just remembered that the Ticks can jump at a wall and damage you from 5 feet away, also another thing that needs fixing is the fact that alot of loot boxers fail to spawn or spawn within the decorations within the world. Had gun boxes inside drawers on a shelf, had them floating as well. Have even had a Beacon icon pop on the map and he beacon never spawned.

The map icons not showing up other than safehouses can be fixed by returning to the menu and starting again, at least it’s worked for me everytime. If only they could fix PEOPLE who leave their game open then KICK you out as soon as you join :exploding_head: that’s my biggest problem at least.