Features to make this game more AWESOME!

Smart ammo distribution - I get the realism effect, but It would be nice if ammo automatically stacked, instead of having to do it yourself

Melee Weapons - We should definitely be able to pick up bats, hammers, etc.

Vehicles - I could live without it, but being able to drive or ride a bike would be a nice addition.

Additional Enemies - It would be interesting having human AI’s in the game that pose a threat to your survival too.

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No need to make an new topic for this, this points are posted already, just give it your an +1 or something :slight_smile: for ammo and melee a lot of ppl where for it but vehicles won’t come into the game, but we hope for some bikes.

And I in my opinion think that the enemies just be an tougher rework to get harder and more intimidating. So we won’t need new enemies for a bigger space of time. :smiley:

A human enemy would destroy this game. The entire story is humans disappeared. And you want to add humans? It would just make this game a other Dying Light.