Dear Generation Zero Team,

I would like to give you some feedback for your game.
First thing I would like to say is that you did a great job and I am enjoining the game a lot.
Me and my friend played 27 hours so far.

Anyway I would like to give you some feedback to further improve the game.

  • The map should highlight important information (partner position, active quests, markings) in different colours. After my friend fast travelled to a location It was very hard to find his marker as it was overlapped by the safe house symbol.
  • The enemies are chasing you to to infinity and beyond. Maybe some sort of timeout would be better.
  • The bikes are unnecessary as they are too slow and to clumsy on the terrain.
  • The hacking ability should be improved a little bit. I think the chances of a successfully hacking is to low.
  • Furthermore I would like to tell you about the ingame difficulty. My friend and I are very familiar with shooter. Anyway we are playing on “Adventure” difficulty and it seems to be pretty hard on some occasions. Here are some examples:
  • I shot 10 Rockets (5 Star rocket launcher) on a tank and he didn’t die.
  • We need to farm in earlier areas for med kits as they seem to be rare. Please implement to craft med kits from raw material.
  • Maybe a slow HP regeneration would be an option for the adventure mode.


Welcome to the forums.

I’ve edited your post a bit. Please don’t post bugs you encounter in Feedback/Feature Requests, we have a separate section for that, #bug-reports. Feel free to post the issues there.

Regarding the difficulty it’s been acknowledged by the devs and we should see a change and/or fix towards the end of the month.


This is something that is just part of how the game works, the rpg doesn’t necessary kill a tank in ten shots, some times it takes like 20 to kill with 6* rpg


as somebody pointed out elsewhere on this forum, the available ammo for the RPG is actually a “High Explosive”, NOT a “Armor Piercing High Explosive” that would be used against tanks and APV’s in real life.

So the current ammo is more suited against groups of runners and hunters than against heavily armoured enemies like tanks and harvesters.

I think that the lack of proper anti-tank RPG shells is a bug or something…
They should implement a AP RPG round, maybe a kinetic sub-caliber “needle” to make it more specialized against armour?


I wrote it here: Rocket launcher extremely underpowered

Items missing from the game doesn’t make it a bug. E.g there is no player side melee combat. Is it a bug? No. Same with dirt bikes. Again, not a bug. These are design choices if to implement them or not.

There is no requirement to use street bikes. They are there as an option for those who like to use them on roads. Mountain bike would be the one who does better job on off-road than street bike.

The more advanced the machine is - the less likely it is for you to hack it. Hence the lower success chance. Hacking is best used against seekers/runners/hunters.

There are first aid kits everywhere. But the idea to craft them is something that could come.