Feedback: Definition of : "Nearby" [Possible Spoilers]

In two missions that I recently encountered, the terms “nearby” and “not far from Salthomen Church” are very misleading.

One says to look for a cairn “on top of a nearby hill top”. There are a few hilltops that are “nearby”, but the one that is needed is about as far northwest as you can go in that area.

The other speaks of a safehouse near a pier along the shore “not far from” the church. Since the church is located in the center of the land mass, there is only a couple places that are “not far”. But the place you need is actually about as far northeast as you can get in that area.

This is just a very minor issue, but one that had me searching “nearby” and “not far” for hours. I finally gave up and did other things when I finally came across the places I needed to be. Since we must assume that all locations are within walking distance, I think these clues need a better description.

Again, this is a very minor issue. Just a bit of feedback from my point of view.


I agree, I think the mission improvements in the June update is also going to make quests easier to understand and follow. Let’s see what they do with it! :slight_smile:

If you look at the as the crow flies distance it’s fairly close (to somebody who grew up in the 80s when we walked everywhere) but when you include the bot detours I think the phrasing could be fixed.

I would prefer a vague compass bearing as a guide.

Also if you are supposed to be a local then most settlements should be labelled and only the most obscure left off the map

As I understand the storyline, you are not a local, but someone who was visiting Sweden with some friends. But, I agree that most maps have localities labeled except maybe small farms until you discover them.

I did the same thing with “Path of the Gods”, I spent a good amount of time on the hill behind the house, which is what I’d call “nearby”. I eventually looked it up online and the hill it’s on is nothing I’d call “nearby”. The clue does say something like “with the ocean on both sides”, but um, then entire island has ocean on both sides? There are several other small hills with ocean on both sides, depending on how you define “both sides”.

The challenge for me with the term nearby is that I typically wouldn’t do those side mission quests right away. So later on when it pops up again and it says “nearby” I have no idea anymore what nearby is in reference too. Unless I am missing something.