Feedback & Feature Ideas

I’ve only been playing a short while and I love this game!
There are two things that I find annoying…

  1. The wind / thunder sound should not be that loud inside a building. It needs to be dampened a bit.
  2. Jumping sound. What is that? I don’t make a sound when I jump up, only when I come down. It doesn’t matter if I am on solid rock or soft grass, it sounds like I am kicking a steel drum. That sound should be a soft thud.

I enjoy exploring open worlds, and I enjoy the hunt. It seems like daylight lasts about one hour and the rest of the time it is night. Maybe that’s how it is in Sweden, but i would like a bit more daylight to explore.

Feature idea: Have a “Wait” timer. If I am at a Safehouse, and I want to wait until daybreak / nightfall to go do something, I could take a nap in one of the beds lying around and wait. Have the options to wait in 2-hour increments… so wait 2 hours, 4 hours, 6, hours, … up to 12 hours.

I understand the need to save only at Safehouses to ensure you don’t get mobbed by robots, but it would be nice to have the option to save wherever I am. Give me a pop-up warning to tell me it is not safe, but let me do it anyway. I just hiked a long way, fighting baddies, clearing houses, etc. and get to my objective. I kill all the machines, and start looting, and Steam disconnected me. I log in and repeat the whole trip and when I get to my objective, I need to log out again (dinner time, go to sleep, emergency pops up, etc.). I had placed a Field Radio nearby, so I could Fast Travel back and save yet another trip. But when I logged in the Field Radio was gone. I’d like to see some persistence in “my” world, so if I drop something, or make a stash of ammo in a garage, when I come back it should be there.

I love this game and I am excited to see where it goes with future updates.