Feedback for February 2021 Update


This update is terrific. More enemies + more bullets = more fun. :+1:

And the scenery improvements in Farmland are excellent as well.

@Devs: Thank you for all your hard work.

EDIT: Some of the machines seem smarter, as well. Stealth takes extra effort in some places. It’s more spooky.


I was a bit disappointed in the update. I had hoped for more world, not only destruction of the existing world, but that’s me. Much of the effort probably went into implementing Avalanche Apex Connect.

I did try to register but, despite requesting a confirmation email twice, have not received the email. I’m glad to see some environment errors have been fixed.

Hagaboda no longer has the two big ugly mounds encroaching on the street from the church into town, and the fence to the right, no longer floats. I hope it’s a sign that Hagaboda isn’t being destroyed anytime soon. There are still a couple problems in the one-story houses on the way to Stenmyra (porch lights with no porch!). Part of the emersion for me is having towns I can care about. Tripping over roots in decimated fields is less appealing.

Neither is having houses I used to be able to fight from, now severely restricted. Machines, even Hunters, have been able to magically appear on the ground floor for some time so that you had to retreat upstairs but now, the upper story in damaged houses is practically useless. I suppose the decision was made to drive players into the open to increase the thrill, but that takes the fun out of it for me.

It may be that it’s required to balance resources since the areas around these houses are more complex. It also seems to me the weapons have become less effective over time so that getting a Hunter near a car or an explosive tank isn’t the plus it once was. Now you can empty a machine gun into a tank and the Hunter wanders off.

They have no trouble blowing you up, though, if you don’t get away from a car or tank fast enough! There’s lots more I could say. I love the world they’ve created. I just wish they’d go back to their roots and give us more to discover, not just bigger, ‘badder’ machines and sillier weapons.

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For me this game has been nothing but 1300 hours of amazing. I love the crater lore and destruction in the farmlands. A brilliant move that actually make me feel the hardship that a war-like situation brings. Destruction and despair!

Its almost a test of how well a human can cope with adversity. Houses blown to pieces and on fire, destruction and devastation everywhere you look! The atmosphere that the visuals and sounds creates is fantastic.
And with very little information of what’s to come this feeling builds up. At least I am not the only survivor, nevertheless I do still feel alone when all I can do is talk to myself. It captures the feeling of a real war-like situation. Dead Soviet soldiers, strange cult-like kill-rituals what is it all about? :sunny:


I haven’t registered for an account. The Daily doesn’t seem so interesting to me. Don’t play every day.