Feedback on 1.06 and suggestions for the future

Here is my feedback on GZ so far (1.06 on PS4 Pro) and suggestions on future updates.

First of all, I’ve loved this game from when I got it in March up until now. The premise and atmosphere is awesome. The sceneries, the classic Swedish military installations and equipment mixed with a retro Stranger Things vibe is so cool. With a bit more variation, some NPCs and better QA it would have killed for sure. Still, I loved it.

It has many bugs but I’ve still played on while waiting for the fixes. It sometimes crashed, which was a first time ever on a console for me, but I learned to live with that too. It had one of the worst defects any application can have, data loss (buggy inventory) but I still massively looked forward to play. Skill progression was way too slow but again, no showstopper for me. Hunters scared the bejeezus out of me but with proper guns, sights and ammo it was still funny scary.

Now with 1.06 that’s all changed. Single player mode has become unplayable. No ammo, no medkits, explosives have become useless and machines respawning all over the place. Why would you change this? Who ever complained about these things?

I think patch focus is way off track. Trying to prevent some extra loot (and in that introduce more problems) instead of focusing all energy adressing real issues.

I want the full game experience with eventually all weapons and equipment without having to play day in and day out and redo missions and fights over and over again. Also I’d like to complete the game without spending half a year. This would actually make me a happy paying customer, so what’s the problem? Why trying hard to prevent that? It’s a game. It’s supposed to be fun and dodging all fights constantly looking for ammo and medkits is not fun.

My suggestion for next patch and single player: Bring back the loot, let cleared areas be cleared (or at least no massive respawns) and focus on fixing mission bugs. That’s it. Please don’t spend precious QA time on new features until the basics are back on track.

I used to love this game despite the bugs, now I can’t play it beacuse of the patches. Quite remarkable. Please change priorities and bring back the love with the next patch. Again, it’s a game. It’s supposed to be fun!

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