Feedback on Resistance Equipment (And other misc.)

Before going into individual items; I’d like to address the primary problem with Resistance Pack Equipment.

  1. The only reliable source of ammo is crafting. With guns, ammo is readily available due to the way drops favor weapons you have.

  2. Items from this pack are heavy. This results in having to retreat to craft more ammunition as well as devoting more inventory space to ammo which means less space for loot.

  3. The items are generally less effective than modern weapons, which is understandable, but with the general lack of scarcity this means there’s very little reason to use them outside of curiosity.

So I’d like to introduce the Resistance Toolbox: A portable item that lets you craft resistance ammo/consumables without having to fall back to a safehouse. You still won’t be able to break down items or craft other essentials like medkits (although maybe simple medkits only) - and you can only use materials on your person - but this gives resistance gear a cool “survivalist” mechanic as well as solving the above two problems.

Now let’s move on to individual equipment.

Resistance Heavy Bow

I personally really like the bow, but there are enormous hurdles to overcome. The damage is very generous, but the short range and lack of accuracy when not aiming means you’ll have to close in and the fact that it drains stamina in order to aim compounds this issue to make you incredibly vulnerable. As you can’t run too much or you’ll lack stamina in order to aim; a limitation that is found in no other weapon. However, there is a distinct lack of bow attachments, and we do so love our attachments. I’d suggest the following:

  1. “Muzzle” attachment: Arrow Rest: Reduces arrow spread, especially when moving. Arrow Catch: Reduces stamina cost when aiming.

  2. “Magazine” attachment: Improved Bowstring: Increase projectile speed. Bowstring Nock: Allows you to nock arrows faster. Reload skills don’t appear to affect nocking speed, so this is particularly helpful.

Maybe you can add thumb rings (increased charging speed) or hip quivers (increased arrow draw speed) as apparel, but I suppose that’s rather specific. For now, I’ve made it so that it supports two playstyles; one for aiming and one for quick firing. Hopefully that’s plenty.

Resistance Flamethrower

The flamethrower is surprisingly powerful, although this is due to the flames it sets, not the ammo itself. This results either controlled bursts, which are slow and where you are vulnerable due to short range; or pray and sprays, which burns through fuel incredibly quickly. Fuel is also comparatively heavy compared to weapons (250 fuel weights 1.25 in comparison 200 5.56 is 0.8) The aforementioned resistance toolkit can help with this, but I’d still like to address the other weakness with some attachments.

  1. “Barrel” Attachment: High pressure nozzle: Increases projectile range. Efficient Nozzle: Reduces ammunition usage.

Again, one for controlled bursts, and one for pray and spray.

Portable Turret

Now we come to the elephant in the room. Heavy, can’t kill anything, expensive materials…

Since electrolyte comes from EMP cells, I suggest something similar.

  1. Remove the time limit on turrets: They already die pretty quickly.
  2. Give shots from the turret a chance to stagger their targets on hit. This should make them useful, but not overpowered.

You can use them to supplement your own firepower or help defend the base, while ensuring that users can’t just spam a hundred of these. That being said, I feel that if you’re willing to spend that many materials then go right ahead; but that’s not my decision.

My only remaining gripe is that Molotovs use lead, which is generally only used in ammo crafting; whereas the point of resistance gear is to not use bullets. The rest of the resistance gear’s shortcomings can be solved with the toolkit. Dogbombs and Remote explosives are incredibly useful, portable walls are a bit small but can be used in bulk.

Moving on to some other items:

.44 Magnus

Okay yes, this isn’t Resistance gear, but I’m a big fan of the magnus. It’s a shame that it falls behind other handguns due to the lack of magazine extensions. With that in mind, I’d like to make some suggestions.

  1. Allow the gun to be fired more rapidly when fired from the hip. Being able to have accurate ranged fire and quick bursts at short range will give the magnus a competitive edge.
  2. The compensator barely has an effect even at 5c. The effect should be increased.
    2a. Also, why is the compensator limited to the revolver? I’d love to have it on my N9 and Klauke.
  3. Allow the “magazine” attachment of a improved speedloader, which increases reload speed. Makes more sense than an extended magazine, although larger cylinders do exist.

Paramedic Response Packs
These are often received as “Rewards” from assignments, but if anything they’re just straight up worse than even simple medkits. They heal as much as 3 simple medkits but weigh 10x as much!

Give them 200HP and let them heal passively around them like the medical trailer. That would make them much more useful in both single and multiplayer.

I think my grandmother could run out of the blast radius before it goes off. It would be nice if the timer was halved or we could cook the time down.

Smoke Grenades
My understanding is that these have the grand effect of doing absolutely nothing. Maybe change smoke bombs into flash bombs that temporarily disable enemy tracking?

Ammo Packs
The numbers need to be looked at, they only give 20 flamethrower fuel.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Feel free to add your own thoughts.

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I agree with most of yours.
Smoke grenades shouldn’t be changed to something else, but they should work or they should have an effect you can feel.

For fuel for the flamethrower I think it should be found at special places, too. Like military bases, gas stations or it should at least be fixed part of the loot-table of apoc hunters or flamethrower lynx, if you own the dlc.

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I do agree with everything on the bow except two things

  1. The bow is realistic. I’m a archer irl and I’ve been practicing on and off for about three-four years now (by on and off I probably go about a week or two without practicing with a recurve at about 50 lbs) and you can’t hold a bow back for more than 10-15 seconds without your arm becoming sore and or over/undershooting unless you’ve trained for 10+years.
  2. When you’re firing a bow do you fire from your hip or shoulder? I’ll give you the answer. It’s shoulder. If you shoot your bow from the hip and get every shot %100 accurate you’re a legend and you should be made king of the world. And you never ever use use knock rings or the arrow rest on a combat bow because it actually slows down the knock speed and adding both significantly reduces the speed and I don’t know what you’re talking about a catch because everyone I’ve talked to about archery only refers to whatever they put behind the target as the catch. All in all the only realistic thing you mentioned would be the reinforced string.

The bow is tight. I love the way the bow feels. Before I got my sniper rifle, the bow was my goto weapon for stealth kills. It still is in a lot of ways. The sniper rifle is just so long range that it feels like a stealth kill, even if the report is SO DAMN LOUD! But putting a silencer on the anti-materiel rifle seems silly, so I deal. But the bow… It just feels good to use.

I agree. It’s realistic to how you would actually use a combat bow. Other than the sights. I can quick scope with it just as good as the sniper and can take down a tank without using 100+ arrows but I guess my irl training helps with that too.

Probably, but I have no training, and it doesn’t take me 100+ arrows, either. Mind you, I love the explosive arrows. I’m kinda meh on the flarrows, though. Haven’t used them much. Normals are good for Runners. I liked it better when they had just introduced the bow, because you could attach optics to the scopes. I only have one bow with an optical enhancement on it right now, and if i take it off, I’ll lose that and it will just have a normal 3-pin on it. Boo. Hiss.

Maybe I just was impatient until now… I read following in the Wiki:

To properly use smoke as a strategy, the first thing to do is to destroy the tank’s optics with a sniper. Once destroyed, throwing smoke makes the character become “invisible” and leaving the enemy with the last position the player had

  1. Destroy optics
  2. Check with techview (skill is needed) if the optics really are destroyed
  3. Thrown smoke and become invisible
  4. Destroy machine or run away

Can you tell us which machines use infrared or x-ray?

Btw. I think that this tactics doesn’t work any more as good. The game became too fast.

Either the machines get destroyed faster than doing the steps above or there come more machines more frequent than the smoke lasts or we die trying to escape this way because all the steps take longer than just running away.

But I’ll give it a try again.

One thing in advance: please make the smoke being more in volume. It has to cover great battlefields in order to be an option…otherwise the fast machines leave the smoke too fast and just aren’t affected any more.

The 100+ plus was just an over exaggerated number that happened to be the first one that popped in my head. The flare arrows aren’t bad especially if you can line the shot up right and get it to stick to the enemy so the others will attack it (I know this can be difficult) and the explosive tipped are amazing against the tanks and harvesters. I honestly wouldn’t want an optical module on mine but I also use mine without the 3 pin sight either.

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you can cook the grenades but to be honest its risky they will go off in your hands if your not careful

The grenade fuss is way to long. Only time a grenade works is if the target is not moving and just sitting still, and it stays that way. Even cooking the grenade, you can’t sprint or do anything else while holding up the grenade, you still have the same long fuss between tossing the grenades. I think it is 15 seconds and a lot goes on in Gen Zero in those seconds.

in the past, when you are swarmed by hunters, you run backwards as they chase you, dropping grenades would thin the swarm down and damage a lot of them. Now, those 15 seconds you will have zero health while cooking one grenade and all hunters will no longer be in a crowd. They are pointless to carry now. Might as well throw rocks. But rocks maybe more useful.

I would like to hear from all those players that wanted the longer fusses, how the grenades are working out for them. bet it is the same ones that whine the machines are overpowered, the exp weapons are overpowered and the grenade fusses to short.

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What I don’t understand… There was one update, where they suddenly had the old delay of just a few Seconds, but with the next update the long delay came back again.

I just use them for bases often, in combination with a sticky flares or fireworks, or against disarmed harvesters and wolves.

if you cook the grenade and use the throw accuracy skill you can hit the target easily hitting the target directly usually gets the grenade closer to the target i use them almost all the time, or bounce it off something before it hits your target to trigger the explosion sooner

At one time in the past, with distance and accuracy skills, you could toss them from a SAFE distance, with just the right arch, and just as they hit a big machine explode. Most cases cause the machine to stagger. You only had to stand still long enough to make the throw. Same goes when hunters, lynx or runners bunch up. Hit the grenade slot key, quick throw one and switch back to a LMG/SMG and get ready for destroying any remaining machines. They have plenty time to scatter now and lucky if one machine takes damage.

Long fuse grenades are useless in combat now. Maybe for one throw from stealth and run to hide again.

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