Feedback on Stream: as per requested by sir Paul

@Avalanche_Pontus for sir Paul… (please forward to sir Paul, thank you)
As per asked by sir Paul, here’s my 2 cents.
Do note, this is opinionated.

  1. New Workbench:
    This is… not smart.
    It is AWESOME on itself… but this breaks the balance that is not there even further.
    Not smart…

But that’s me…

  1. Environment:
    You really did a job there!!!

  2. Reaper:
    !!!At first glance!!! it seems a wee weak, I figured damage would be much heavier.

  3. Machine AI Fix/Improvements:
    Despite asked 12 times: no answer…
    Very sad…

  4. “Mjolnir”:
    Very strong, heavy damage, IMHO too OP…

Please add your thoughts, players.
Thank you.

I hope this is what you wanted, sir Paul… :slight_smile:


Does anyone know, please, where you can watch today’s video?

Here you go, miss. :slight_smile:


Please give your feedback after watching the stream, miss…
It would be very appreciated.

Thank you.

Just incase you don’t have a Twitch account here’s a link to YouTube;


Thank you VERY much, sir, many will, I think, appreciate this!!!

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Interesting thread title. I wasn’t aware Paul had been knighted.


Oh, they all are, sir.
Well well, seems… you are aswell, sir Xezr :wink:

For the sake of the topic, though. I like the idea of the new workbench, as long as it adds more depth to the crafting system, and the value of more crafting materials vs. more schematics. There’ll probably be some balancing issues, but that’s what the #feedback-feature-requests section is for :slight_smile:

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The idea is truly brilliant, I admit, sir.
It’s a welcome addition…
Just… not now… we are already gods in GZ… :’(

Feedback based on the Stream:

  • I think the New Workbench should only be available for Guerilla mode, because it makes the game very easier in other difficulties, there is no risk anymore.

  • What we needed is almost unlimited Resources Storage Capacity at Workbenches.

  • The Reaper looks good, but it also seems it´s not the safest and more stable version of it, right? They had a crash in mid stream, at least looked like it.
    What I did not understand is, are there going to be multiple Reapers? One per Region or just one?

  • The Updating of each Region is always very interesting, there is still much to update in the “Mainland” but a New island would be better than waiting 1 more year for it, although things take time and having a stable game is more IMPORTANT.

  • I hope they don´t introduce drivable vehicles , at least just a better Bike or a better version like a Mountain Bike.

  • The Melee weapons and the new experimental Melee weapon are too much OP, they reduced immensely the damage from the Recoilless Rifle which now is of no use against Tanks and Harvesters, but the sledgehammers are useful to attack this enemies? No sense and not balanced at all.

  • About the Level cap, I hope they hinted at a Respec ability sometime in the near Future, that has been asked by most people.

  • Beards and tattoos and more stuff would be appreciated by many, although it´s not a very important issue.


I agree with everything you just said. My only tweak would be that a BMX would make more sense with the 80s setting than a Mountain Bike, but that might be my UK centric view. Maybe Mountain Bikes were a thing in 80s Sweden, I don’t really remember them being mainstream until the 90s.

Melee weapons were a terrible idea IMO. The fact you can take down a tank with a baseball (sorry, Brānnboll) bat is just ludicrous, and I eye-rolled at how OP that experimental melee weapon was. It’s a choice I guess, I’ll just never use them (or only to get an associated achievement).


All I ask is a sturdier and more all terrain bike, nothing more :wink: .
Having the ability to use the normal weapons to melee approaching enemies like ticks or dogs would have been enough.
Having melee weapons here reminds me of my time playing Dying Light and Dead Island.
There melee weapons make a lot of sense, but not against machines as deadly as they are in Generation Zero…


I loved Dead Island and the crafting of OP melee weapons was an utter joy, but it made sense to take on zombies with a flaming axe.

But a bat against an 8ft tall mech with a grenade launcher on it’s shoulder, a retractable blade and wrist mounted flame thrower? Not so much.

I always imagined melee in GZ would just be pistol whipping ticks, or slamming the butt of your shotgun into a leaping runners face. Anything bigger than that I figured should just laugh and turn the player into paste.


I THINK one per session, sir…
I do not really know though.

How about a laser katana?

@OBiW4NSHiNOBi Anyone that saw Movies or Tv series where Humans or organic life forms fight against Machines, knows Machines always win in close combat, even worst when they are armed with Ranged weapons.
So it makes no sense.
@Xogroroth Laser katana? Chainsaw? Is this Cyberpunk2077? No sense and awful idea to implement in GZ .


Well, why not.
Chainsaw was around.
And if we can have a Mjolnir… then we can have a laser edged katana as well, sir.
Melee was a very very bad decision, it does not fit GZ, but it is there.
So, why not use it? :slight_smile:

Are you for real?
We are derailing the topic, but the more weird and non GZ theme weapons we get, worst and more unbalanced the game becomes, we have the melee weapons as proof.
Weapons must make sense to the game atmosphere, so does the enemies and so does everything else.
Now let´s keep the rest about feedback of recent news.:+1:
Anything else you can always talk to me my friend.


So I got mixed feelings about the new Workbench with ammo crafting.

Crafting ammo is something that you should be able to do if there is a shortage of ammo, but with Skill points put into Salvage i’ve never had a problem with lack of ammo. Without Salvage you just need to be more careful what machines you hunt and how much looting you do.
This could be a thing in Guerrilla difficulty but there again, 2 points in salvage will get you far.

So in short Ammunition crafting is an unnecessary addition in my opinion, it’s a solution to a non existing problem.
Unless you can craft special ammo or you reduce the ammo you loot from containers and machines.

I think that workbench could be used for crafting improvised explosives, like remotely detonated bombs, sticky grenades and “homemade” landmines


I share the same opinion.
I have one point in Salvage and i´m never out of any type of ammo, not even 50 Cal.