[FEEDBACK/QUESTION] Why is there no freeform naming for the companion?

Currently we have a naming system for the companion where we have to pick names/words from a list. So I was under the assumption that it was made that way to avoid people naming it offensive stuff like slurs. But I realized that there is no way to see other players companions name. (afaik at least cus I have not found a way to see the names) So why are we restricted to a list and can’t name it whatever we want? Seems restrictive for no reason.


I agree with this 1000%. I’ve tried to kill my own runner multiple times. Others have targeted it and I’ve also targeted thiers. It’s easy to mistake it from more then a few meters away or in a group. Not to mention it doesn’t attack unless you do or have been spotted meaning the lights won’t swap colors if you’re sneaky and avoid detection it’ll walk past em or stand WITH them.

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Maybe giving us the possibility for an input for its name was technically too difficult.

What we have now is nothing really new.

The companion is a machine. Every machine has a name. Their names are built randomly out of some elements from a list.

Maybe we now just see how the machines get their names technically. It was just copied, filled with other entries and got an UI for us to chose from. By that the core of how the machines naming works didn’t have to be changed.

Since you are the only one that can see the name, what does it matter what words are there? In conversations, you can name it whatever you want. Ever buy a pure-bred dog? It is already named so it can be registered, you then give it’s “pet” name.


I meant I want it to have its name visible to everyone like a players name is. As it is right now it’s indistinguishable from any other runners. Allies in all other cases have a visible name but we get “not yours”.

True, It would have been nice to be able to input our own Buddy name. We can, however, make screenshots showing the name. And maybe the devs have plans for the future to make it so that the name is showing during gameplay.

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I think it may be due to Some other reasons, as Generation Zero is an online Game
and I’ve seen what some players will call their their Pets in MMO’s
which can be a particular player’s name or terms I’ll not mention as they are inappropriate.
and i have heard cases where the Player were told by Game-masters to change their Pet’s name (for Free) or face a Ban.

I could be Wrong, but i think this is the Reason as Generation Zero is an Online game.
It could also be limitations.

But, I think we have Rather decent options, we have way more choices then i expected. ^.~

Oh, i kinda Hoped you could see the Name of the Companion Runner in Co-op
so you could tell which were yours, or is it only Yours that have an Icon?
But i can recall running up to my friends bike and seeing “Not yours” then realizing it was Green and not Red, but it still had the Bike icon… <.<;

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As far as I know there is no way to see the name of other players companions in Co-op, So if the reason of the restrictive naming system is to stop people of naming their companion inappropriate things then it does not make sense at all, since it does not matter if you name it something bad, Since only you can see it. So no one else will be able to tell that it’s named something bad.

That’s exactly what happens when you go up to someone else’s companion. It just says “not yours” and you can’t interact with it in any way and no name gets shown.

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In Discord Carni specifically said that it was to avoid shenanigans with the names.

Have you tried, when in coop, to open the map and mouse-over other people’s companion icons?
To avoid multiplayer contamination, I only play solo, so maybe you could test that and let us know if you can see the names of other companions.


I don’t remember if I saw my mates companion on the map or even the compass. I don’t think so.

That’s not the case if you deactivate the option “show online-ID”.
When playing with my mates we always use this option. It’s a bit more immersive in our eyes. And a bit more fun.

It forces us to communicate more and in a better way. By words, by flashlights (I still wish to be able to select the flashlights color) or last but not least by noise/attraction.

“Where are you?”
“In the woods.”
“Where exactly? Can you shoot once?”
“Wait, I have a better idea…” dropping a flare “Can you see me now?”
“Ah, yes, there you are… But I’m obviously not the only one who sees you now… take cover! HUNTERS!”
“Oh shit. :rofl:

And it’s better for quick, clean and beautiful screenshots or screen captures. I don’t want to share my mates names accidently so that other players may contact them.

It’s ok if I accidently target my companion. That’s part of the battle in my eyes. And the negative side of that the resistance chosed to use an enemy machine to make an own one. We can paint it, we can give it special lights and sounds… More isn’t necessarly needed in general.

Well, my opinion…

Btw. I just wrote a possible technical reason why the devs did the naming of the companion as it is. It’s just an idea, but sometimes descitions are just taken because of technical reasons or limitation, not to annoy us.

If it’s easier and faster to use what you’ve got, the risk of inventing something new which could cause more issues or may affect other aspects of the game, which produces more work again, is lower. Do you know what I mean?

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I understand the immersion side as well and for a few friends yes this is how we play too. But for some of the very new folks I run into and help out the lack of a name plate is wasting the few mins of gameplay I have before the inevitable crash explaining “that’s a friendly” while the poor newbie is emptying his last mag into my companion then asking if I’ve got any to replace it. That side I would prefer to see less of. And as you mentioned it can be turned off for those that like the immersion like we do when we are in a truly prepared group. Sorry for being devils advocate here I don’t wanna seem like we’re gonna go forever lol just reminding there’s 2 sides to the view and the newbies need us from time to time​:grin::grin:

You can pickup the companion. That is basically turning it off.

Lol I meant as madchaser had said. There’s an option to not show any names,hud, and so forth for the better realism. Not to outright tell my fellow to stow his doggo entirely :joy:

Aha :grin:, I thought that the newby was shooting your companion. By picking it up that would have solved that, and you could explain in peace and quiet.