Feedback request - Hold Breath could be bound to sprint

In most shooters, the hold breath option for guns, is often the sprint button. My suggestion would be to make a tickable option in the gameplay menu, that binds the key to sprint, opposed to making one binding for sprint / holdbreath.

I spent the last like 10 hours of gameplay, holding shift, assuming it was that, only to find out today they were seperate. I can now actually hit my shots!

There is an option to hold breath?
On consoles as well?
Didn’t know that… :joy:

Yes its the R3 or L3 for PS4/PS5. (one of them is for running the other for holding breath)

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Yea, it’s almost silly it’s taken me until now to find out it’s not the sprint button.Base Stamina is kinda low for it though, you get like one clean shot lol