Feedback request - Remove grenade base assault assignment

Hi all,

Yesterday I was checking the daily assignments and one of them was the following:

“Complete a Base Assault Mission by using only grenades”

Can we please have this particular assignment, and/or assignment variant removed?

I typically play the game solo or with one or two friends at most from time to time. Even with help from my friends, this mission is not only difficult, but vague as well.

  1. In terms of difficulty, the mission is only really doable when you are first prompted that a FNIX base has been setup and have to deal with a handful of runners or hunters at a time. Otherwise, you and your squad will be eating through a large number of grenades and/or resources trying to destroy walls, spawn beacons, turrets, machines, and generators.

  2. The mission is vague in that it does not specify whether only hand grenades count, or if the G79 from the grenade launcher count as well. Furthermore, are you allowed to heal and/or revive yourself if incapacitated, or does this item use count against you when the mission is determining what is used by using healing items?

To exacerbate matters, the assignments have a known bug of not accepting a valid first attempt at a mission. For example, I have got a very similar mission today but instead of grenades, it was only handguns. I completed the mission without using any healing items or reviving myself (was taken down to 22 HP), and only used the Volkov Pistol. The game did not complete the assignment for me.

For other mission such as “Destroy 15 runners” I typically have to kill 16 runners because for some odd reason (bug),at least the first runner I destroy does not count but most, if not all, runners destroyed afterwards count towards the 15 I need. With this in mind, I don’t thing it unreasonable to ask for this mission to be removed.

Yes I back this I spent hours trying to complete both of those I think all the variations should be removed or made less vague and punishing

Just destroy the base from a distance with rockets, without getting to close to start the assault.

Volkov pistol and the other new weapons doesn’t seem to work for anything yet when it comes to assignments, use the regular weapons.

But i also agree that assignments that including bases should be removed.

One question… Does it count for every single object you destroy or just for the objectives?

Destroying just the shield generators and the command center with grenades should be easy, if you may use other weapons against the other structures.

I have tried to destroy base with weapon x, before that destroyed most of the FNIX base with m49 RPG. Did not count as assigment.
There might be check if you use any other weapon inside the mission what is required, assigment fails.

I havent tested if you can destroy the base from outside of the mission range, then proceed to destroy shield generators and core.

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I tried yesterday with destroy base with handgun. Shot a few runners with SMG first and then switched to N9 / Magnus for rest of the attack. It was a fail.

Did it again on another base with N9/Magnus only and it was a success.

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Goes easy, yesterday had “only use pistols”, with a grenade launcher from a long distance the walls, destroying opponents and the rest with pistols.