Feedback / Suggestions

Let me begin by saying that I am pleased with this game. I eagerly await its release.

Now, onto critique. Keep in mind that I am aware that is is only a Beta test build.

  1. Interior variation:
    I see many home interior assets reused a lot. I understand that to create unique assets
    for everything is unmanageable, however, I do hope to see greater variation in the final
  2. Interior Architecture:
    I came to notice that the interior home architecture was nonsensical. I found homes with
    2 kitchens, bathrooms right next to each other, and 2nd floors but no staircases.
  3. Clipping:
    There were times when clipping would ruin the immersion. Such as leaves/rain falling
    through roofs, vegetation clipping through floors, and rocks clipping through walls.
  4. Optimization:
    I am confident this will be coming, just being thorough. I have an 8700K @ 5Ghz and a
    1080TI boosted to 185 core clock and running @ 2088 Mhz. My card was pegged @
    97% utilization constantly.

Now for suggestions:

  1. A “hardcore” or “survival” mode would probably go over well.
  2. VSync or Framelocking for lower refresh rates monitors/tvs.

I feel this is a really special game. I see this becoming quite popular. Everything that your team has done so far is phenomenal. I think, with some tweaks, this game could become a franchise.

Thank you for the opportunity to Beta test this game.

Good Luck