Feedback: The new turret in the DLC pack is useless

the new deployable turrets in the DLC pack are fun but almost useless. They either die quickly or time out before combat starts in full.

Suggestion to fix.

Remove time to live: allow them to remain active forever, but at a cost of a 4 per player limit, you place more then that and the first one you placed explodes.

Allow us to pick them back up after deploying them: please.


I have another idea: let us charge them with car bateries or fuel cels. Adding amo could also be an option, like with weapon emplacements in bases.


As far as I’ve seen the player turrets in this game are useless in general. Did my first base defense the other day and watched 2 Runner blow up a pill box from what I’m guessing was out of its range, cause the bloody thing never fired. And when my other one did fire it couldn’t even manage to kill a runner. The deployable ones arnt much better. They all need a buff

Increasing the timer to like 5 minutes before the turret expires would be enough. Then you would have time to set up a decent trap. I also agree there needs to be a cap on the number of deployable turrets.

Placing the turrent behind one of the new shields included in the same pack should increase its survivability.

not really as 9 times out of ten it isn’t the timer that gets the turret first but one of the bots shooting it.

DLC weapons that can inflict more damage than those originally available in the game will never happen because the idea of “more damage for money” is not their thing I think.

If the day comes when DLC weapons are able to do more damage than vanilla, it will be taken away in some other forms. What the left hands gives, the right hand takes back. This has been what balancing in the game meant.

AFAIK, all turrets, whether portable, a grenade launcher, machine gun, Russian and sniper tower now inflict the same negligible damage.

What are you talking about? the sniper tower one shots runners.

I have never seen a sniper-turret one-shot a runner, I play in guerrilla mode.

Isn’t that like the hard mode? nothing is really balanced there.

Maybe that is the key point. What difficulty mode were you playing? I am playing right now and testing again if the game changed and now allow one-shot of runner from sniper tower. but still could not do that.

I think it depends on difficulty and if you placed .50 ammo in the tower.

My towers of the base at överby (one for each direction) often spot runners and hunters, but they hardly him them and it takes quiet long to destroy a machine. Playing on skirmish and didn’t place ammo in the towers.

I always place ammo in them as with out it they do almost nothing… take the rocket turret for example with ammo it can easily clear some waves by its self. with out you are better off having cover in that spot.

I saw a video of portable turrets that lasted longer than 30 seconds in combat By the way it looks it also fired 7.62 ammo in full damage (not nerfed). It did not link the video to the mod, not even to a general site. I wanted to post it here as FYI, but not sure if I can even after reading the code “Posts that discuss illegal activities, transactions, or websites such as warez, cracks, etc. will be removed. This includes posting of information that you have obtained illegally.”

To be true, that’s nothing “FYI” (or our), because mods aren’t supported and allowed and advertisment for mods, too.

dumb rule tbh.

Honestly they should really fix and balance their game before anyone should be asked to not fix (or talk about fixing), the game for themselves.

No mods guys, but also here is a bunch of poorly executed mechanics that we might fix within the next 18 months.

And yeah, the turret from what I can tell is near usless. At this point I feel they are required to put in at least one item per pack that is just a complete waste of everything. Really poor practice considering it is paid content not within the base game.


Everyone’s going to buy the micropacks anyway, so why would the devs bother making sure it is quality.
Also, does Systemic Reaction have standards at all? How is management at all okay with every update and DLC being broken and unfinished

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At least the video showed how easy it is to rebalance the turret.

Oh I found out from the code of conduct that every website could be regarded as advertising as far as this forum is concerned.

Quoting the code of conduct:

Advertisements are not allowed. By “advertisements” we mean unnecessary and excessive links to sites members are affiliated with, as well as solicitations or items for sale . Generally speaking, posts made specifically for the promotion of a website, product or service are considered advertising or, at least, posts made that unnecessarily send people to a website that you are in some way affiliated with. It does not matter if it is a commercial website, a personal website, a non profit website, etc.

As to your “mods aren’t supported and allowed” I can’t find this in code of conduct.

But I won’t post the video link since there is no go signal from the mods here.

Keep it legal is the key.
Modding gz is against the eula for the game.
Therefore illegal.
And everything related to illegal activities is forbidden by the forums code of conduct.
It has been discussed many times.

I can’t follow every discussion, no one can. Don’t you think spelling out the much hated word “modding” in the code of conduct is a better way to inform everyone. That is what the code of conduct is suppose to to do, right.