Few issues i found while playing that should be pretty easy to fix and some feedback for the game overall to make it better

First of all i hope everyone reading this is having a nice day.
I’ve been playing this game for quite a long time and i love it, although once in a while i run into some small issues that i could be easily fixed, i’ll put a list of them;

• The Wolf
At first i was having a whole lot of problem dealing with him, with his army of annoying little robots and hard to dodge missiles, especially the healing crap, however as time went on i learned to destroy the healing and the big deadly fart it does, and now it just stays there, completely useless taking shots with no way of attacking me or even moving, although im loving how easy it is to kill, fighting it has gotten really boring and straight up dumb, so i think making it have another way of killing the player (or at least moving around) while defenseless would be good overall.

• Robot AI
I’ll keep it simple, the robots seem rather dumb sometimes, so trying to make them a bit smarter would be pretty interesting to see and would make combat way more fun, like Harvesters keeping their distance while it’s Hunters go for the player, make Tanks use their running attack before losing their weapons, since you can just hide on a tree and shoot until they’re defeated.

• Climate changes
Make rain happen more often, even if just a bit because it makes the world feel better and fights more dramatic. Maybe adding thunderstorms or some new weather could improve the ambience.

• Hacking
I spent a really long time to get the hacker skill, and for someone unlucky like me it’s just useless, so maybe instead of having it sometimes work and most time doing nothing it should instead have some different system to replace the chance one. Also make it more noticeable, i can barely even know whether it hacked or not until i get really close to it.

• Slow Aim
Add a way to increase (and decrease) the speed of the aim on the weapons, or just make it faster for the guns like hunting rifles and the Pansarvarngevar90.

Thats it, basically. If i find more issues i’ll make sure to post them here.

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There is a way to transfer items faster. On console, left and right on the d-pad increases or decreases the amount by one, and up and down increases or decreases the amount by ten. Makes it way easier when you’re transfering quadruple digits. Not sure what it is on PC.

On the PC we can use the mouse to drag a slider to the wanted amount. A matter of seconds.

That really helps, thank you friend