Few "personal" suggestions (though I think more would like these)

  1. Pitch Black military uniform (Spec Ops/Black Ops) with pitch black harness and bags/ammo slots with black tactical helmet.

  2. Now, for MY taste, Bunkers have too much Civilian clothing and such, where military clothing is darned hard to come by.
    Might be an idea to swap this around for the sake of immersion.

  3. Some things (like the Full Vision Module) are extremely hard to come by (in 80+ hours I have not found one on this “new” save file) while Experimental Weapons “are thrown at you by the dozens” (Note, this is OBVIOUSLY a hyperbole, I do this to make a point, so please do not take it literal).
    I suggest, for the sake of logic, game balance and a tad of reality, to swap this around.

  4. I would love to see an Experimental Magnus .44 (maybe it fires special “combo” rounds (Half-AP/Half Soft Point), naturally it would need to be balanced, but a slower firing speed and longer loading time might be doing just that, seeing there are only 6 rounds in a cylinder).
    Reason: the “normal” Magnus .44 is just… meh…
    If you fire a 10mm from a Glock 20, the damage is quite decent.
    Firing a Raging Bull Magnum .44 (I know, I know, it’s not the GZ Magnus, however, both are comparable in damage) at the same target does “slightly” (understatement) more damage.
    And yes, I am aware that a 10mm bullet is lighter than a .44 bullet…
    The difference in grain (what basically the weight of ammo is called) is what adds or removes from damage: the heavier the ammo, the more damage.
    One shooting a .22 will not achieve the same damage as when firing a .44, right?
    The suggested “combo rounds” would do each half of either AP and normal damage…
    Basically creating a “Semi-AP” (maybe called SAP?) round.
    This idea is to bring the .44 into a slightly better position than it’s currently underwhelming brother…



I definitely agree with you that the Magnus is mediocre and needs to have an experimental variant. The Klaucke in the game is much more powerful, which doesn’t make too much sense. The Klaucke is more powerful in the sense that you get almost the same amount of base damage but you have a larger magazine, resulting in more damage per magazine. The Magnus should definitely be more hard-hitting, so it can live up to the Ranger with The Big Iron on his hip.

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Thank you.

Additional idea:
5) Adding 2 more character slots
6) Option for CLEAN restart on both characters (Mission Reset, Map Reset)



An idea I had was having an off-brand IKEA store somewhere on the map. It would be infested with robots (Runners, Ticks, Hunters, and maybe even Tanks?). It could be neat to see that!

The map reset would be awesome, as well as a mission reset, maybe like a new game+ kind of thing.

And thanks for thanking me! I’m probably the most hated user on the this forum. :wink:

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Not by me, Sir!!!
I dislike no one, ever.
I only dislike actions people make. :slight_smile:

As to your idea: why an Ikea type store? (I ask since I never been in one… I dislike shopping/shops. My wife and I have a very good understanding: I bring in the money, she throws it out the door. XD)

I like the Game+ idea!
Hard Mode?

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I really want a harder mode to the game and I feel a new game+ would do it for me.

The reason I suggested an IKEA store was that it would fit in somewhat with the Swedish environment if a more urban environment was added later on. I was thinking a small portion of it could be a safe house, and the rest would just be decimated by the machines. I would like to see more destruction in urban environments in the future, just so it really feels like there was an invasion.

I have been to IKEA stores plenty of times, and they are pretty neat. Their layout is very intricate, blending multiple levels to make them seamlessly flow together, and the furniture displays as well as the extremely tall shelves would make interesting combat situations. Most IKEA stores I’ve been to usually have a layout like this:

  1. You enter and start walking through the multiple sections looking at furniture and other stuff you might want to buy.

  2. You choose the stuff you want to buy (smaller things go in the cart, but larger things like chairs are in the warehouse section).

  3. You walk out of the displays and into the warehouse, where you pick up your furniture in boxes.

  4. You then pay for your stuff and then exit the store. :slight_smile:

As for the full vision module - once you’ll find it you’ll notice that the low light mode will be skipped… ALWAYS. Go for the dual IR/OPV :upside_down_face:

For Magnus I would like to see a sniper conversion kit, something like this:


And you can even fire the Klaucke faster, right?

Hm. But you have the sniper/hunting rifles, right? And with the conversion kit the Magnus would not fit into the side arm slot anymore. Would there be any upsides to this?

That’s right. The Magnus has a delay between shots but the Klaucke does not. And if you click fast enough, the Klaucke basically becomes an automatic weapon. :slight_smile:

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The utility of the revolver is that it accepts a scope and a view module, and the pistols, if memory serves, do not.

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True, I am just trying out this weapon. I must say that it does not come close to a sniper rifle and the ADS speed is very low (with a scope), making it not very useful in close to mid-range combat - particularly with the bug(?) that for the first second after ADS the sensitivity is drastically reduced.

EDIT: A damage buff would definitely make the Magnus more viable.


I’ve stopped using a pistol. Don’t carry one any more. If you do, your ammo drops are three times the ammo for a pistol as everything else! I need .50, 7.62 and 9mm SMG, everything else is a waste of time, and since I’ve stopped carrying the pistol, I’ve got more of the others from each drop. I seldom used one anyway - the SMG is silenced so that does for Seekers and Ticks, and the rate of fire is such that I can take down a Tank with it.

As for Tanks, I’ve noticed that whatever you use to take it down is the main thing it gives you back. i try to use RPG, 7.62, .50 cal and SMG on every Tank, which gives me sufficient of those things back… :wink:


Thanks for the tip! I’m running a bit low on 7.62 mm right now so I might as well ditch the Klaucke in my Plundra. :slight_smile:

Military Tanks always - Military Hunters always - FNIX Tanks sometimes - Normyra always - shopping!

@Zesiir’s Hardcore Challenge (do a search here). That sorts the men from the boys. Never got past level 2…

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I’m still at lvl 1 because I’m too scared to actually fight. :slight_smile:

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Safe houses are your friend, collectables likewise - new hamlets 100xp per community - explore, you can make it to level 2 - I believe in you! Given a decent sniper rifle you can hit a beacon at 500 metres and run away…

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Year 1 is far removed from year 5 and instead of worrying about the drop rate of the bolt action 7.62 Vintovka, I’m wondering where I can get another dual mode IR/OPV vision module as I have plenty of either one. The OPV has a limited range so you can guess which one I prefer. I was unaware I had one of this type combination vision module and it has proven very useful within automatic range

Let’s not bump 4 year old topics, please.