FidelityFX Super Resolution?

I see Avalance is among the dev partners for AMD’s just-released FidelityFX Super Resolution. Hoping to see it implemented to GZ. I’m a Radeon 5700XT and the extra performance FSR would give my GZ sessions at 1440p would be very welcome. Cheers.

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The good thing would be that it works on Nvidia cards beginning from 10/16 series up also.

Not to rain on your parade, but I’m afraid it’s the other Avalanche they enlisted. The sucky one…

But yeah, I’m all for performance gains, as long as image quality is maintained.

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This is true.

From here: , we can see:

“Avalanche Warner Bros” is the same one linked by gzbugs above, and not the Avalanche Studios Group, to which Systemic Reaction is part of.

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Too bad. But this is highly confusing. If I ever found a game development studio I’ll call it “Capcomster” or “Tubisoft”. What a clever scheme :crazy_face:

one of the developers said it took 2 hours to implement fsr so it would be interesting to have it added here. might be different from this game but doesnt seem like a terribly hard ting to implement

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Thanks for clarifying. My parade is rained on.

Though I do see Systemic Reaction’s Second Extinction listed among the AMD partner games for FidelityFX CAS. Here’s hoping the relationship extends to eventual FSR support for Second Extinction and Generation Zero.

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Good eye with that - didn’t notice that. I’d love to see some cooperation between AMD and the devs - my entire rig is AMD, and any ounce of additional performance is appreciated. I had the same initial reaction when I saw ‘Avalanche’, but I made that mistake before and decided to double-check…