Field Radios, Plundra items, Stacking, Components, Light Switches, Shooting out Lights, and more newbie requests

Just a week into playing, love the game. Playing solo - both of us in the house are - we’re both loving it.

A few newbie feature requests for future updates that have come to mind while playing:

Inventory items in Plundra should show their relationship to items you’re carrying, like they do in the normal inventory view (flashing for component and ammo compatibility, etc) otherwise you have to “bring” them, exitt, re-enter inventory, look for compatibility, then go back to Plundra, and repeat. It’s awkward but doesn’t add anything to gameplay. And it’s hard to tell what goes with what, particularly ammo, without more detail like that.

At least one component description of compatibility is inaccurate, a silencer that says it fits “all” SMGs doesn’t fit one of the SMGs, for example.

Why are lamps inside trucks illuminated?

Some light switches still don’t work. I don’t know if it makes a difference but when I’m bunkering up in a house preparing to fight 4 enormous robots and dozens of little ones, I turn off all the lights because it makes it easier to see out at night and I like to think it makes it harder for them to see me.

We should be able to shoot out lights elsewhere.

If you haven’t yet used a field radio you should be able to pick it up. Or even better give them a counter, like ammo, and let them be used 3 times whether in one place or several places.

Hunters can get stuck in bunker Red Doors if they’re blown up next to them, making it impossible to access the door open option. Rare, but it happens.

I find myself stuck under things a few too many times: truck/cargo doors, jet fighter wings, etc.

I’ve experienced a runner walking through a totally CLOSED barn door and then turning around to find it there, I assume that’s not expected behaviour. But if they can teleport sometimes, that’s OK because I teleport too.

When the windows are blown out of a house, why doesn’t that damage persist? Would be nice if it did - magically repairing houses are strange.

I’ve seen items I drop persist right next to robot corpses that were killed at the same time, but the corpses (and their loot) disappear after leaving and returning. Could the time until corpse cleanup be extended a bit? At least one day/night cycle or something?

Might be since the new update, or normal, but are there supposed to be loot boxes hidden inside shelves of other boxes, like entirely invisible/camouflaged?

In inventory: Please make items automatically stack when picked up with existing items assigned to hot keys (like first aid kits, flares, etc), and let us unstack them as well. Since they stack they only take up one slot, and if there is room for them in a stack, shouldn’t they just go into that stack instead of needing to be manually stacked?

I saw that people have asked to be able to move items around while in Plundra. In the meantime can we get any kind of sorting function for the box contents? Even default alphabetical would help.

Thank you for this wonderful game, keep expanding it - thank you for your work!


Fine observations and requests, @Unaha-Closp. I believe that pretty much all issues have been proposed and discussed a lot here already, but it simply just proves that players would like to see changes/fixes to these things.


Good stuff yes. Big and small fixes needed for sure. But it is nice when they give us a little added new feature. It’s like how diners in the US used to give you a complimentary mint after a ordering dinner. I like the bikes, I don’t use the bikes a lot but it’s nice to see they’re a function on one patch. Than the safes added in the next. Just that nice touch to a big bug fix.

Personally I wouldn’t want a big feature added yet until all bugs are dealt first. They’ve been really good about how much salt to add each patch!

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