Finally unlocked PS4 trophy 'Go-Getter' (guide)(working patch 1.10)

Finally! Spent 6h today on a fresh save (after wasting 12h for nothing thanks to unclear dev info) playing offline on my 3rd attempt for this trophy, rushing through and doing missions to unlock the infamous Go-Getter trophy. Finally I succeeded and can leave this game at last! Hooooooorraaay!

How did I prepare for the trophy?

  1. Uploaded my main save to PS+ cloud and deleted the save from system storage to start fresh
  2. Deleted the application and reinstalled the game + downloaded patch 1.10
  3. Created a new character

So how did I play?

  1. I played solo offline. Set the settings to invite only. Don’t worry if somebody joins as long as you kick them fast
  2. I completed warboard, main and side missions. My stats say:

*Warboard missions completed: 6
*Side missions completed: 15
*Total missions completed: 25
15+6 = 21. That means Intro missions count (4).

The trophy popped when I completed my 15th side mission Hogging Supplies. I basically did all missions in the first and second regions (ignored First contact + Spiking the guns). My last side mission was at the beginning of Farmlands region.

You don’t need to complete 25 SIDE MISSIONS, you just need a total of 25 combined total missions. Source thread ***PS4 trophy "Go-Getter" still broken? (patch 1.10)

What missions did I complete?

-Break of Dawn (Intro mission)
-Sanctuary (Intro mission)
-The Farm (Intro mission)
-The road to Salthamn (Intro mission)
-The Home Team (Warboard)
-Calling for help (Main mission)
-Over and Out (Main mission)
-Another Castle (Main mission)
-Warboard Minken Bunker (Warboard)
-The Girl who cried Wolf (Main mission)

-Old Bettan
-Shooting Practice
-Unbearable Lightness
-Road Rage
-The Path of the Gods
-Strength in Numbers
-Seeds of Doubt
-Treasure Hunt
-Beyond the Barricade
-At Death’s Door
-Safe Harbor
-No rest for the Weary
-Secret Cargo
-To the Lighthouse
-Hogging Supplies (trophy popped here)

I’m posting this info to PSNProfiles too. This game could have been more enjoyable without these disinformative answers, buggy trophies and wasting hours of my time trying to figure out myself how to unlock it. There, now you have a guide folks, whoever is missing this last trophy. Get it before it probably breaks in 1.11.


Glad you were able to sort things out before leaving. Hopefully others can benefit from this post as well if they’re having trouble. If the devs are indeed incorrect about completing the trophy as you say, I’m sure it’ll be rectified.

But I don’t think they’re purposely giving out false information just to confuse us, so seeing as to you’re leaving I’ll go ahead and edit that out of your post. Adios muchacho.

until they add more achievements in dlc lol

You … edited their posting because you did not agree with it?


The post was edited because it came off as overly emotional and negative about something that strictly isn’t true. Sometimes when people are angry or frustrated they say all kinds of things, which comes off as inappropriate for a public discussion forum.