Find barcode to Uttern Bunker

Have been destroying robots in the mountains area now for three days in solo and in co-op without finding a single barcode to get access to the Uttern Bunker!?
If this is a bug, please fix it!
This is the only mission I have left on the whole map…

Youve probably already done this but have you gone to the door to scan yourself?I only picked up 3 or 4 codes if thatwithout realising it.If not then then going backward to main missions are a no go.Are you on ps4 maybe if you join me i can gain you access maybe thatl work but then again codes are needed.When are the devs back?

The developers are always lurking and logging down all the bugs rest assured. Anyway I did notice your bug report does not follow the correct format I don’t think I’ve heard about this one recently. Please use the correct format to see if the issue can be identified. Another gracious player may be able to drop you the bar-codes such as @Flybydai.

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