Finding a solution for the moving off schematics / collectables

Hi Devs,

The community has put effort in compiling lists by sharing the fixed locations schematics and collectables. With the revamps some of the schematics and collectables are moved to a close proximity of the old location, but render compiled lists and guides inaccurate.

Still it seems that new players have trouble finding them, and the veteran players can’t help them find them. I for one would love to search for those moved items, but because we have found those long before we can see the moved items.

I wondered if you could think about finding a solution for the moving of schematics and collectables in the new revamps.

  • The best solution would be not to move them at all, but instead make the original location always accessible within the revamped area.
  • Another solution would be to make the schematics and collectables not disappear after picking up, just leave the image or an outline, but no longer interactive if picked up. This might be taxing on the game, I don’t know. But it would make possible for us the help in the search.

It’s just an idea, you might even come up with a better one. :+1:



I agree that it appears that nothing good comes out of moving collectables around. I wonder why they need to be moved instead of revamping the nearby area in a way that it has a minor story to it without compromising the location of the collectable.

This is indeed the best and - for me at least - only option. Since collecting all of the collectables is already a major task, having to find out which of the guides is the correct one doesn’t make it better.