Finding co-op game

Last night, I tried so many times and so many ways to join a c-op game that I just didn’t play at all last night. I am bored playing solo to level up my regions again and allowing players to join my game and explain to them what I am doing just takes the fun out of the game, not to mention screening them for mods as they join.

Last night, like a lot of nights, I wait 30 to 45 seconds and get the message that the host is no longer connected. Tried different number of players, different languages and so on. I had a few hours to play and wasted 30 minutes on just trying to join ANY game. I exited the game and played something else.

What really sucks is I can’t see if others are also trying to join, if others are playing Gen Zero or anything and 30 minutes getting the same message seems to be something was broke. I tested my internet connection and ping was 12ms, dl 943mbps, upload was 40mbps. I even tested Tele2 Sweden: ping 136ms, DL 609mbps, upload 6.69mbps. So I don’t think it was a connection issue on my end.