Finding weapons, collectables, missions - of the same importance?

I tend to skip weapons to be found, because of the lack of the need of them. Is this a wise decision?
Or are they as valuable as collectables and schematics, related to missions and submissions?

Talking about these collectibles, there is nothing important related to missions and submissions.

I’ll try to give you a priority list:

  1. Blueprints (they help you to see the weak points of a machine in techview when using the binoculars)
  2. Schematic points (for unlocking the schematics for crafting) - not needed, if you already unlocked all schematics and if not, they aren’t necessary, but help you to get the schematic points faster.
  3. Dolls, letters, newspapers, dala horses, gnomes,… just are for more lore.
  4. Weapons are just for completing locations, no worth unless the weapon maybe is useful for you.

Did I miss something?

Finally, the priority of course may vary for each personality. This at least is how I see it + why.


Collecting stuff outside of consumables is only as important as you want it to be. You could always grab a few rarer ones for friends or what not. Recycle for consumables, or just leave them. Sometimes in co-op and the right level of players I will pull level 5 and 6 stuff then drop it and let players know I dropped junk.

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