Finish the story of the game

In the past few years there has been tons of vanity DLC content.

The story of the game is however left hanging.

  • Where did all the people go, can they be saved?

  • What happend to FNIX?

  • What happend with the russian invansion?

Perhaps we were never intended to to have an actual ending to any of this, we simply keep fighting. But I hope thats not the case, I hope will will get and actual ending with some closure. It’s been 5 years, the game is getting old, it’s time to finish telling the story.


I see no intention on the part of the developers to actively shape the story. With most updates, there are always a few additional items with text to collect on the map, but the story is not told interactively.

Unfortunately, the main part of the mechanics has a repetitive character by now and are probably more intended to tie the players down with time-consuming activities.

I fear that the game’s story development department has been cut back or even closed down completely.

Personally, I miss a few human NPCs skirmishing with the machines. There really don’t have to be many. It annoys me a little that the few human NPCs only park their butts in the bunkers, houses and caves.

And … I finally want to have my char sit down in armchairs, chairs or sofas, I want floors and roofs for my base building too - I would pay for that! xD