Finished Final Missions, Got Trophies - No Credits?

Ok so I just finished “The Enemy Of My Enemy” and “Behind The Curtain”. Got trophies. But no credits rolled?

I am thinking it is because for the Behind The Curtain objective “get out of the facility”, I fast travelled rather than physically retracing my steps out?

What did I miss during the escape? Massive enemy ambush? Were there key items I just missed?

When I went back to the facility, it was blocked by fallen rocks and debris like there had been a massive interior explosion.

Was my character supposed to die in an ambush / explosion and then the credits would roll?

Thanks in advance for any info.

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If you travel out of the facility on foot, it starts to rumble and your screen goes black. You wake up nearby, and the credits roll. That’s all :slight_smile:

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Oh wow. Ok. Thank you!


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There were are also some documents (not collectibles) inside the facility, you can only grab them in the mission.
Quite underwhelming finale right? i know…

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I Got all The documents / recordings first.

Yes, underwhelming to say the least.


With answers given, i conclude this topic as answered and thus, lock it.


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