Finished mission but didnt advance to new one. PC

I finished the “over and out” mission and can not advance in the main story. I watched a youtube video on someone finishing the quest and they went on to “strength in numbers” I have picked up the note and activated the radio still nothing

I believe some clarification is in order.

“Over and Out” is main mission, which you got from Vesslan warboard. “Strength in Numbers” is a side mission, where you need to find the mission’s start item from the world (Hint: Hästvik). All side missions work like so (except in Himfjäll) where you need to find it from the world first.

Here are 2x screens from my game, 1st showing early main missions and 2nd showing early side missions:

Btw, to advance in main missions, you need to travel into another region since you’ve done all main missions in Archipelago region.

Okay gotcha thanks. I was in route to other places, but thought that missions were starting after I finished others. I guess I was paying much attention, Thanks again

also, I remember having to run back to Saltholman Naval Bunker to get the “Command Bunker” quest. FYI