Finished the main mission, current status


Ok so I finally finished the main mission solo, along with most optionals. I’ve spent 148 hours playing so far, which I believe is pretty good bang for the buck! :sunglasses:

These are my stats, skills and current loadout:

So my default ammo loadout (including that loaded in weapons) are:

  • 120 .50 cal FMJ rounds
  • 80 .50 cal AP rounds
  • 2400 7.62mm FMJ rounds
  • 720 7.62mm AP rounds
  • 60 of each shotgun round (Slug, Buck, Bird)
  • 120 .44 mag FMJ rounds
  • 16 EMP grenades
  • 16 HEDP grenades

Now I’m looking to get the 5-star PVG and red bike, and then hope for some more content in the future… :+1: :wink:

Looking across the collapsed Östertörn bridge, in anticipation of new adventures…

Edit: And of course the first Tank after I take this picture get me the red bike - go figure… :wink:


how do you pick up the mission the bridge?


I believe “The Bridge” is a warboard mission from the Skvadern Command Bunker.


@ameinild yes thats where I found it…


So in other random news, here’s a video of me taking on a FNIX Tank. While I get both moshed by grenades and tickled by Ticks, I think it also shows some good strategies when fighting these intimidating beasts.

And it especially shows why I like to fight using aircraft hangars and the likes as cover. Also, I get to use all my 5 weapons in this fight. The video is over 5 mins, but after 3 mins it’s just finishing him off.

Notice how he’s trying to run off in the middle of the fight, but I won’t let him. :sunglasses: And at the end he’s just like: “Come on, get it over with…” :grin:

Anyway, the main point here being: Always fight on your premises, never theirs - and even then, you can easily get a whopping!


Great video :smiley:


I love me some Tank fight video’s, well fought :slight_smile:

On FNIX Tanks I personally always target Tick Pod, Machinegun, Rocket Pod, in that order. Great use of the EMP rounds, too. That particular safehouse is great for finding Tanks and other Machines.


You’re right, I should probably consider taking out the tick pod earlier. But I usually try to take the machine gun out first, since I believe it’s the most deadly weapon at a distance… :thinking: