Finix bases. Raid and kick out game

Apart from the bug with completing the mission I wrote about earlier, for the last few days during the assault on the Finix bases in the last stage it has been throwing me out of the game…
This has happened a few times now, and it’s frustrating enough that in addition to the wasted ammo materials, I’m wasting time because when I enter the game again, the base is unmoved.
Does anyone have a similar?

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Sounds like performance problem…

Not on PS5.

At which locations does it happen?
Do you run the game from internal memory or from an usb-drive?

At the moment of smashing the last, main generator.
Once the damage bar reaches zero.
Internal memory.

It has happened for us on Ps4 that the client has had his game crash during base assault. One time it happened three times during the same assault.

Not sure if that could affect it but he keeps he’s Ps4 on stand by. But when he restarts it before playing gen z there has been fewer crashes for him. But still crashing from time to time.

I’ve had the game almost since launch and the problems only started recently.
I have previously played on Ps4, ps4pro, Ps5.
There has been drama for about 2/3 weeks now

My mate and me recently just had these crashes when the client did the final shot on the fnix command center. In this case the client crashed most of the times.

Client delivering the killing shot can cause him to crash and lose the rewards.

But for us the client crashes even during the initial assault.

The same today.
And friends on ps4 pro.
Last inch of endurance and it kicks out of the game

At every location or just at specific ones?

I think randomly.
We did not approach the same bases

Doesn’t matter. It can happen anywhere. But as I stated above it helps if the client restarts his Ps4 before playing. That way there is less crashing but it can still occur.

I’ll hold off until some good repair, because for now it’s a waste of time and electricity for this title :wink:.
On top of that, I have non-stop explosions in the background after a botched factory mission :grin:

Sounds like a memory issue.
If you restart the console, the cache should get cleared and optimized each time.

Let’s hope that the experiences of the steam-beta will bring some improvements for older consoles, too.

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I have a Ps5 so it’s not a console problem.
Until the last update everything was ok.
For me and my friends.
I can see from the posts on the online forums that a lot of players are complaining about the latest path lately.