Finx rising progress didn’t carry over?

So I purchased finx rising on an Xbox one and I played it all the way through to unlock the Gille suit with the challenges. On my main Consol, a series X none my progress is there and it shows that I haven’t purchased the dlc but on my same account on another Xbox it works just fine

Is there some kind of setting to set a primary console for your profile which may affect whether a dlc is accessible or not?

I don’t know how xbox works.

Check if the DLC is installed on the Series X since i dont think purchased DLC is auto installed on all consoles but rather the Console it got purchased from. This is just a guess tho since ive not used Xbox before.


I’ve looked and the store says I’d have to have purchase it again, the series x is my home Xbox so I’m not sure what else to do

By the way, I had the same issue OP has, and did the exact same thing. And it helped.