Firebirds have no visual healing effect? (Bug Report)

Platform: PS5

Twice now I’ve been trying to take down a Rival Firebird for ages, using tons of RLG/Granatgevar regular and emp shots, and a LOT of .50 ammo - only to discover that they’ve been getting healed (with no visual effect) by a Spetsnaz Wolf just hiding behind a hill somewhere not even attacking me - really frustrating to have wasted a ton of resources on birds that were healing without me knowing!

(I also know its not just them having tons of health because one of them went from 23% health to 40-something after a couple minutes)

Its possible that it had the healing effect during the very few seconds I didn’t have eyes on it, but I was watching the Firebird very closely to see if I could spot it healing.


They heal? I didn’t even know that!

No they don’t.
First read, then ask.
A wolf healed the firebird.

Never saw them doing this.
But I never checked their percentages.

Lol! So that green field that a wolf throws up heals… I thought it was a temp shield like the reaper has. What’s the range on that? I’ve never seen a firebird fly low enough to the ground to get within the visual effect, unless it’s actual healing range is greater than the visual effect.
Which makes sense to me now. Weeks ago I had a rival firebird and sniped out 3 of its engines, and figured i’d come back to it sometime later like I do when I cut off a tanks weapons, but days later I found the firebird was at full health with all 4 engines working fine. I guess he went in and got a brake and muffler checkup.

I am on PC/steam and also never check their health but even a rival bird goes down fairly quickly, bout the same as a tank rival. Found .50 cal AP rounds do it a lot faster than FMJ rounds. I aim for the fuel cells and the vents on each side of the weapon ball. But before attacking a firebird I remove all ground forces too. Then once I start attacking the firebird, I don’t stop the attack to check the machine’s health, they will attack back then. I keep pounding at them to keep them off balance to aim.

I guess if they get close enough to a Wolf that happens to display the green grid of healing. But I would not think it is a bug but how it should work and doing so correctly. I think the issue here would be the OP’s tactics more than an issue with how the game was designed to work? And no disrespect to OP.

A DEV would need to confirm this is correct operation or not.

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For me the same.
Never use rockets against them… It’s too easy to miss the firebird. I just use EMP rockets from time to time to stun the firebirds.

If my companion attacks a firebird he is quite effective in hitting it.

And additionally you could use homing turrets.