Firework game crash


Sometimes while throwing fireworks during combat the game suddenly crashes.

Steps To Reproduce:
Go in combat and start throwing fireworks.

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Only me.

GTX 970 4GB, i5 6600k, 16GB DDR4 2133 mhz.


I’ve had this happen twice on PS4 too.


Same issue. Prior 1.07 was ok

I just had it too on PC.

Happens to me aswell. Everytime using fireworks during combat, but fireworks thrown with no enemies around works fine. PC.

Fireworks is now best avoided, instant crashes by kinaskott! (PC player)

It happened to me too every time i threw a firework.
Already sent all the reports collected from my pc.

Yeah me too, my game crashed today when I threw a firework during combat. Have never happened before. Haven’t tested out of combat yet but will tomorrow. PS4, GZ 1.07. Sent the report.

Chiming in same here, I don’t think I was in combat but there were robots nearby, game crashed as soon as I threw the firework, sent crash report from the pop up dialog.

Pc Win10
16 gig mem
nvidia gtx660

it seems that the crash only occurs when the tanks or harvestors see the fireworks .

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Same here on PS4. Yet another patch that breaks something else. Marvelous. Hopefully this gets fixed for the PS5 release

No matter what i throw, xbox one freezes.

Devs have acknowledged this bug, and it’s being prioritized for a future hotfix along with the empty toolboxes and things like that.


Awesome! Sounds promising, @Zesiir! :smiley:

i thought i was immune to this one because i’ve been throwing flares without problem. recently threw a firework and found out i was wrong. i prefer flares over fireworks anyway

threw a couple while out of combat and was fine
only happened to me so far while in combat

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i have thrown a firework whilst in combat at a harvestor , its back was turned , and it didnt crash the game. i’ll try and post a vid of this .
as fireworks disrupt the machines targeting abilities , my guess is that is where the bug is.

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thrown firework , that a tank did not see , did not crash game.

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Just completely restarted game after seeing all the updates. Made it to the church at the beginning and when fighting all the “dogbots” i try to throw out some fireworks and every time i wind back to throw the game crashes.

Yes, this has been acknowledged, and it is the same on all platforms. Let’s hope for a quick fix.