First person bicycle?

Please? The whole third person thing breaks immersion. Also can we have a no crosshair option? I already have the little stealth indicators turned off, and it’s made the game so much better.


I agree that the jump to 3rd person on the bicycle is a bit weird.

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I would want the option to change betwen them. I would mostly use third person view for camera shots though. First person and maybe a way to throw stuff, like flairs to escape (have a chance to).

I agree that this is a good idea, so I’m moving this topic to Feedback & Feature Requests :slight_smile:


Third person biking? Not my cup of tea either. First person would probably be better.


Yeah, that’s the main reason I only tried the bike out once and then left it at that.

I use the bike depending on were i’m heading. Sometimes i sneak about, sometimes i feel the need for speed. Sometimes i cant help ringing the bell.:sweat_smile:

I always forget the bell. What’s the top speed anyone has reached? I got to 26mph downhill once.

41km/h is max. I’ve only ever gotten that when going downhill some steep roads.

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I dont think you should be able to fire a weapon while riding but enabling throwable objects would be nice. Not only for throwing flairs to help get away in the game, but also for throwing sticky flairs at other players if they do the bike race streams again.

Also if 3rd person is mandatory on bikes it should be optional when off of them.


Haven’t used bicycles for that reason and because they force me to play WASD while i’m left handed, it’s pretty annoying.