First playthrough on Guerrilla

So I decided to start a new playthrough on Guerrilla difficulty, since I’ve been wanting to play the story again since my initial playthrough. I also feel the game has now matured, so it should be a quite different and more involving experience after all.

This is my status and main loadout after playing through “The Archipelago Region”

And here’s my first takedown of a military harvester with those rather mediocre weapons.


Nicely done post, thanks it gives me hope that with my mediocre weapons I will get through to the better gear :wink:

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“South Coast Region” now completed, and I got the following “base content” collectibles:

  • 6/14 Dalahäst
  • 7/21 Garden gnomes
  • 7/22 Mixtapes

Some stats:

Also, finishing off pack of runners and a military tank (after shooting off its weapons):

Farmlands Region completed - making my way into Forest.

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Inspirational. :wink:
I’ve been wanting to start fresh over to experience the story again, but I just can’t get myself to throw away all the weapons and attachments that took me so damn long to collect…

I know the feeling. I was kinda forced to do it when the game crunched my old save, so I took a break, and now I have even more reason to play some more again. :wink:

A couple of vids to go with it:

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In that case, I totally get it. :wink:
Nothing like that has ever happened to me in GZ. Hope you have a better run this time. :+1:

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Holy crap, I actually did it! :grimacing:

Yesterday, I deleted all my 4 characters, 192 hours of progress, a ton of 5* and 6* weapons and attachments, thousands and thousands of rounds of ammunition…
I’m starting the story anew, this time strictly on Guerilla. I’ve only played Skirmish so far, except for a few hours. This ends now. Only Guerilla from here on forward.
That being said, I kept my Plundra. I kept 1 top tier weapon of each kind, complete with attachments.
I also kept 100 adrenaline and 60-70 medkits of each kind, and a couple thousand rounds of ammo.
This will be a “new game +”, so to speak. My challenge now will be moving to Guerilla, not grinding for weapons all over again.

End game sandboxes can only entertain me for so long.
Really looking forward to experiencing the story again, and exploring parts of the map that I may have missed before. :slight_smile:


So it’s actually been a while since I finished the Forest Region, but didn’t have the time to post until now.

Also a couple of new videos:

Mountains region done. Don’t have any 5-star weapons yet (except a Brännboll bat), but working my way towards 4-star weapon collection.