Fiskeback mission

Another one.

I don’t follow all the updates, I apologize in advance.
But as a regular player I stumble and try not to fall.

Can’t find ány clues to pinpoint the direction to this mission.

If you can help me - much appreciated.

Do you mean the side mission “safe harbor”?

One thing as advice for upcoming questions:

I don’t know why you’re asking to find a mission that you didn’t find yet, but the key to success is to visit every location. On the map screen you should see (should… Maybe it’s hidden by the new overlay about which stations to find there) a list of what’s there (collectibles, plans, missions, weapons) in the upper right part of the screen.

Additionally, if you unlocked a side mission by coming close to it, you get an entry in your log and see a blue mission icon on your compass.
By that you’ll find any available mission.


Fiskeback has no mission, But it shows now 0/1 missions. This is probably caused (bug) by the companion mission, which can be started at every location that has a companion Station.

That mission starts in Tangekil.


Thank you for the advice. I’m aware of this. But that’s why I keep struggling, because it seems I’ve visited (enough …) villages and houses to find missions, side missions etc. etc.

So regularly I find myself in a landscape where’s nothing happening or can be done :smiley:

Maybe then a bike tour with Gysbert or when you want to visit me in The Haghe, then we go to the beach :smile:

Homework for me, thanks again for the input!

That’s a very smart website b.t.w. :nerd_face: and it’s part of my GZ fav.

So … another bug. It gets annoying… somewhere. :expressionless:

b.t.w.: it would be great if a navigation search possibility would be implemented.

Could you describe exactly what you mean?
Navigation search for the GZ ingame map?
What do you want to search with it?

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Just locations.

I’m always in the dark when people are referring to certain locations.

Just cities, villages etc. I meant.

Mission started in Tangekil.
But now I returned to Fiskeback and still one mission ‘open’:

Again my question: all weapons don’t mean you get all mission/schedule/collectable items?

No one? I’m still struggling with this one.

I seem to have completed this mission, so this topic can be closed. Thank you.

Closing topic.