Fiskeback & Sillavik Missions Bug

PC (Steam) Game v.2586999 as of 18/09/2023

Hi everyone,
I have recently returned to play the game due to all the new content, which gives me a lot of joy to play the game again, but I remember why I stopped playing it - BUGS.

I know that there is an open topic regarding the Sillavik mission that has not been fixed or closed until this moment. But I suppose that I am even a more lucky person and I have both Fiskeback (Safe Harbor, scr. 3) & Sillavik (To the Lighthouse, scr. 4) Missions (scr. 1 & 2) completed, but on the map they are both bugged as 0 of 1.

By the way, maybe map bugs are connected with the order of mission completion for this region.
P.S. I have completed Fighting the Future main quest in the region before the above two (see scr. 5).

As far as I know, the new companion introduction mission may be shown (and started) at every location where a companion station is.

Hi, I think that you are talking about something else that is not connected with the topic above.
P.S. The issue about which I am talking above has nothing to do with Companion missons but rather a BUG connected with missions checks during their obtainment in the respective location or after their end.

Yes and no.
It is a bug connected to the mission completion status shown on the map.
But in some cases it can be explained with the initial companion mission which may be shown everywhere where a companion station is.

In your case it seems to be something else.
I took a look at my map and I have to agree partially.

Silavik looks fine:

Fiskeback doesn’t:

I don’t have any side mission left (except the weekly one). And my main missions are at 100%.

Hm, thanks for your reply. That at least proves that those missions checks are not only my personal BUG but rather a global issue, which may or may not be connected with a region’s side/main quest progression or some other in-game issues.
I hope that the Dev Team will do some BUG corrections because it is not the first time I have seen those locations missions check missing on the Internet (within 2022 and 2023 years).