Fix the weekly / daily challenges to be more reasonable

Fix the weekly / daily challenges to be more reasonable.

The 7 base defense missions in one day for example is stupidly difficult to do.


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Yeah that one is ridiculous. I have even received it several times as a tick level assignment.

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it suppose to be 7 day week assignment, 1 week, 7 defense missions, somebody mistakenly made it only 1 day, accidents happen, :confused: no worries, I don’t do the 7 defense anymore

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I have played for the last 8 hours, had one base defense pop in that time 8(
It’s an unrealistic RNG challenge.

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I’m assuming you are attempting it solo.
We did it in under an hour yesterday without any modders on the scene.
Cracking loot as well.

Since the introduction of base assault and base defence FMTL assignments I have found it impossible to gain the full 36 points in a week. In MY game it takes about 3 days for my only neutral base to establish defences and more days to go to medium strength thereby making any assault impossible unless it happens on the right day and 7 defences in one day when they appear about once a day, or less, makes those also impossible.
I highlighted MY game as I only play adventure mode and dislike anything to do with BASES and interact with them as little as possible and many on here will state it’s my fault because of this I cannot complete FMTL missions but my point is the old missions were doable (8 tanks, 10 harvesters etc) and not impossible, for some, to complete.
Please remove BASE linked assignments from the list.

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A never ending story.
I’m sure the devs are aware of this, but I don’t know if they don’t like to change it, don’t know how to change it or just don’t have the time to change it (because of higher priority of other issues/projects or similar).

Either they should change it to a weekly thing for which you’ve got a week to finish it (with more points as reward) or they should at least kick out the 7 bases things.

It should be something everyone should be able to do, so this kind of challenges should also just become active if you already built your first base.

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Although FMTL itself has never worked properly since it’s introduction, until recently, the assignments themselves were always doable within a gaming session (some people have to go to work or school) but some of these BASE oriented ones would take a session to do just one.
Just take them out and put back the old ones, it surely can’t be that hard.
In case you haven’t already gathered I don’t likes bases or anything connected to them and would be more than happy for them to disappear altogether.