Flags for the Factions + More


Just thought I should make some flags for the different factions we now have in the game. Here’s my 1st Attempt at a FNIX flag



This topic is nice idea, gives us something to think about. :+1:

Here’s my take on FNIX’es flag/logo (i don’t have much of imaginative mind though):

Inspired from FNIX Tank. :nerd_face:
Also, i like the simplicity of it and above is pretty much what comes to my mind when i think about FNIX.


Here’s one I did of the Iron Church, Probably could be better but it’s a start


I like this one the most: The Resistance


Last one for today I promise! This is if the apocalypse machines had a flag


1st try at the apple commune peeps.


2nd attempt at a FNIX flag and damn I really like this one

Do you prefer it with or without the effect?


I was thinking on maybe making a banner for bat gang and Hammer gang, any ideas?


Bat gang