Flare gun and companion runner

  1. flare gun
    throwing flares are a joke and stick to walls beside windows which… ya know… rip and also let us fire it up as a nighttime wide range lure

  2. runner companion
    come on tell me you wouldn’t want a lovable runner to assist you in at very least pointing out other enemies or at least have a skill for turning enemy bots to align with you with runners being easy 75-80%ish to tanks being very hard like 2-5%

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I think we need to make the “Hacker” perk possess the ability to grant the user permanent control of a machine until death. So as long as it remains alive you can give it commands to either “wait” or “follow you” or “attack” or even retrieve loot from containers and have them store it in their shells as a way to add to your carry capacity.


Sounds cool but that’d be limited to hunters as no one else has arms. Dogs could eat loot i suppose, but I’d like to see a tank or harvester try lol

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