FLASH LIGHT can be turned on when riding bike?

Can turn the flash light on when riding bike… but light is behind bike…third person view light is behind person… Cannot turn offf BIke lights ?

should be a lights on/off but play testing wasnt done

Last time I tested it was as following:

Bicycles had no own light. You could use your flashlights like when walking around.

With motorbike you cannot use flashlights, but the motorbikes have an own light which cannot be turned off.

If your flashlight during riding a bike (bicycle or motorbike?) is missplaced, it could be a bug.
Screenshots would help to see what you exactly mean.


Bicycles do have their own light …(.IT would be nice to be able to turn them on and off.)

Moped and motor bikes have their own lights…(.IT would be nice to be able to turn them on and off too.)
BUT… when riding either bike, moped or motor bike… I can turn on flash light and the light is shining on the ground behind me… this must be a bug ?