Flashlight issues

I found two issues with the flashlight:

  • The flashlight isn’t visible on the player character, although the light clearly emits from the chest area. This is likely an artistic choice and not necessarily a bug/fixable. As an aside, using the light on your bike should/could activate the attached bike lamps instead of the players light source.

  • The light cone of the player’s flashlight is off-center and looks weird when changing the FOV, my game being set to a FOV of 70. Lowering the FOV looks better, raising it further makes the entire cone float in front of your ‘eyes’ (camera).

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About the light itself…

Right now:


And to illustrate the FOV issue:



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Observed Behaviour:
Sprinting with the flashlight on incorrectly illuminates the held weapon at FOV higher than 66. A clear straight line between the lit and the unlit part is seen.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch Generation Zero and proceed into active gameplay.
  2. Enter the Pause menu and select Settings > Game > FOV.
  3. Set the FOV to 80 degrees and return to active gameplay.
  4. Proceed to sprint in sufficiently low light conditions and observe the issue.

Expected Behaviour:
The flashlight does not generate lighting issues when the player is sprinting.

The issue occurs regardless of graphics settings.
The issue only occurs when sprinting, it does not occur when moving at normal pace.
The issue does not occur at FOV 66 or lower.

i7 2600 3.4Ghz
Nvidia 1070 6GB
Windows 10 64tbit

See attached screenshots.

FOV 60:

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Hi the flashlight in game is probably based on an old swedish army flashlight that you cold use leather straps to put over the buttons in the uniform. And thats why the light orginats from the chest i think

In the 80s it was a werry popular model so the ppl working at railroads had there variant of it whit same fetchers and Polis Firefighters and of there was civillian versons of it as well. thats why ther are difrent collors of it.

but i might be wrong hers a picture of it this is an more advanced model


Yep, the in-game model you pick up is a simple civilian version of that (without the color filters and straps). It is a ‘chest’ light, instead of a weapon light or headlight. Which partially explains the issue of @fractal - it seems to me the player character model is rendered separately from the environment, which explains the missing shadow and why certain things do not pass through the model when viewed in third person view (try viewing messed up road textures in ‘emote mode’…

you know the flashlight bug where you can see weird shadows on weapons/medkits or anything really, this is why, if the flashlight effect is closer to the player model this will be fixed, this bug wasn’t in the beta but it occurred at release. Hope this gets fixed, you know on of those small but annoying things.

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The Only issue I have is that the machines pay no attention to a light that moves around in the terrain.

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The flashlight cone should be off center, as it would mount on your chest pocket area.

As for it not being visible on the character I would say that’s probably a choice they made rather than a bug. I wouldn’t be surprised considering all the clothing options.