Flashlight stuck after riding a bike

I found this forum rather late so I assumed the bug has already long been reported, but since it’s still not fixed:

Platform: PC

Description: After riding a bike, the flashlight is stuck on whatever setting (on/off) it was when getting of the bike. When getting back on the bike, the flashlight can be turned on and off again, but will once again gets stuck at whatever setting it is when getting off the bike again. This is fixed when downed (having the option to use an adrenalie shot) or fast travel to a safehouse, even if that safehouse is right next to you.

Steps To Reproduce: Get on bike - turn on flash light - get off bike- try to turn off flashlight or vice versa.

Host or Client: Both

Players in your game: Doesn’t matter.

Specifications: Intel Core i7 -6800 CPU @ 3,40Ghz, 32 GB Ram, GeForce GTX 1080 TI, Windows 10