Flexibility in the skills acquired by the protagonist to be free!

The skill tree system should be revisited.

Spending points on other non-essential skills to obtain a particular skill is a major obstacle.
This greatly limits the flexibility of the game, especially considering that there are only 30 points available.
Let them get any of the normal skills from the beginning.

Specialization skills are then unlocked when 5 of the normal skills associated with the tree are acquired.
Doing so will greatly expand the scope of play.

I may be misunderstanding exactly what improvement/change you have in mind, but—…

I think the deal with the limit on skills acquired…is that the devs don’t want us all to have all the skills. They want us all to have somewhat different builds.

They really want us all to be taking part in co-op play, multiplayer, with each person running different complimentary builds. A hacker, with major emphasis on the technical skills…a medic, with heavy emphasis on the relevant skills…a front-line fighter, with the damage resistance skills…a sniper, with the weapon handling skills. Things like that. Not a bunch of cookie-cutter green army men running around with the same meta builds and the same meta weapons.

On the other hand, it would indeed be nice to be able to skip certain skills, or navigate the skill tree (link, unlock, pay points into) skills from LEFT/RIGHT instead of just straight down, or even to have a few more skill points we can put to use…but still not all, not a full skill board.

That all said, the devs supposedly are working on or thinking about changes to the skills. No details yet, I think, on what they have in mind, or what they’ve got in the works, but changes of some sort…

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Nevertheless, the sense of a skillTREE is, if you want to reach the end of a branch, you have to climb all the branch, which may also include unwanted or unused skills.

It’s meant to force the player to take a descition for using the skillpoints. Gladly in the meantime we got the ability to reset the skillpoints for making a new build, which wasn’t possible in the past

Not every game uses the same layout for a skill tree. Plenty of games out there have more of a “web” than a tree, with numerous different possible links, through which it is possible to unlock skills by more than just one route.


Of course.
But we currently have a tree. Or some trees.
As @JuanEyeJack just said, the team is working on a new skillsystem… So let’s wait and see what they have in mind.

Hello! You’re right, the skill tree needs work. In fact, we plan to scrap the whole thing and design a new one, but that’s a super long process and we have other things we need to tend to first, so it will take a while:) but rest assured that it’ll be done! Thank you for your feedback.


the mistake I made with the Active Specialization before you could change them with 5 uranium was having 3 Active Specializations bought & not knowing that the cap was 31 back in the day, :rofl: , I had the 6 fast-travel per field radio just stuck and wasted for a long time, because it sounded good at the time, but 3 per field radio is more than enough lol

You can complete (unlock and buy) three branches of the skilltree, but you cannot have three active specializations at the same time.

I had 3 bought, however, was only allowed to have one active, the other two :rofl: including the 6 fast-travel one was wasted and could not change my mind on another one, stuck with those 3 forever, at least until, 5 uranium changed that

I wouldn’t say that they were wasted.
You can change the active specialization any time.
So if you have more than one that fit for different situations, you can activate them when you need them.

field radios already gives 3 fast-travel uses :rofl: additional 3 uses doesn’t really make sense, just carry extra field radio for the extra 3 uses, instead, I was stuck with it until uranium 5 was to become it, owell, it is what it is

markmans in my opinion is the best one :+1: with the uranium 5 reset, I don’t even have another specialized skill bought

back in the day, there was no going back, you had to pick your skill-tree line-up wisely, because, they were permanent, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ,however, I didn’t know there was a max-cap at 31, and my skill tree was not thought out wisely

Well, especially in multiplayer it can make sense.
At least it should help to prevent bad luck in timing of deaths.
4 players can’t all use one field radio if they all die.

Nevertheless, not every skill makes much sense nowadays… I’m excited to see what the devs will change some day.