Flickering screen persists

I submitted a bug report on this a little while ago, with accompanying video, but i wanted to update the situation. I’m playing on a PS5. I’ve tried multiple fixes to resolve the issue but to no avail. The longer I play during a session the worse it seems to get. It will clear up for a bit if I restart the game, but it inevitably starts again within 10 minutes of play. As I’m walking around, the grass, foliage, and other ground textures will flicker every so often. It’s quick and often times very jarring depending on the area I’m in and the level of ground coverage. The longer I play uninterrupted the worse it seems to get. Is this just a me problem or has anyone else experienced this? I’ve redownloaded the game a few times now. Completely started over as far as saves go, and even went as far as leaving my stash box empty just to be sure it wasn’t part of whatever bug is crashing the game. Still no change. I’m hoping the planned 60FPS upgrade on PS5 fixes the issue. I suppose I should add that I have never had this issue with any other game, so I’m fairly certain it’s not my setup. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!:slightly_smiling_face: