Floating Objects etc PC - continue updating list

Hi, found some technical problems.
all approximately.
1529.949,3789.805 SW of Vesslen Command Bunker-double door garage-garbage bin,cut wood pile.
-1208.577,660.557 F23 Overby Air Base-floating grass.
632.585,3943.994 floating deck chair.
661.820,3837.545 branches through floor in shed.
-1015.918,1916.872 Arnerod in house,floating pot plant.
-2893.806,2635.316 in house,loot box 1/2 in fireplace.
-3300.886,3773.666 stairs to high.
-4280.798,4404.777 shrubs in building floor,floating papers outside.
-1806.154,40.971 Eriksberg-floating stone wall.
1074.425,846.951 Nyhamnen-lots of unfinished buildings.
Kyrkhojden-branches through church floor.
1181.241,-116.307 Ostervik Gamla Stan-floating red tool box in house.
IGA Industrial Facility:
1701.901,80.548 + 2070.083,121.830 landscape in buildings.
2214.253,8.731 red brick wall flickering out of existance.
1167.927,796.878 unfinished buildings.(unsure whether this was same location as previous.
Their are a lot of other floating objects and loot boxes 1/2 in cabinets etc. before I started writing down.

Their is also a precombined problem(Ithink that’s what it is called) where you can look through the
walls and it changes back when you move.
It’s in bomb shelter(could be the master war room,but since the icons for locations disappear on reload,
I don’t know)(could you please make icons stay) in a room with radar computers and desk at far wall,
LEFT side,further in corner of room.Also a red pack? on desk.

Can you please make a large search area marking(round) to make things easier. Been trying to find
the downed fighter plane, with no luck.

Can you make a manual save that you can go back to instead of a safe house in an emergency.

Can you please sharpen the landscape as it is too washed out.
Thank You
sorry to be so picky but you don’t want to be like Fallout 76.(sorry for the insult)

-3282.130,1174.755 Masskar Radar Station,blanket thru wall.
-4529.282,121.402 Back on Track mission.Inside railway bunker, floating pallet with green drum and white
container,also a deck chair,wheelbarrow,bucket. Outside green 3 door building not far from barracks
whick has several blankets thru walls.
Next, a lot of objects and building flashing out of existance.
-3974.829,96.975 Military Compound.Large red wooden building backing on to raised railway tracks,
truck next to it,several other objects.On railway tracks looking back to building other objects disappear.
3 door green building close by,floating deck chair.
-1353.233,-1603.532 white hedge.some sections higher than ground.
-4400.107,-709.327 Klinte safehouse.branches through floor.
1352.797,-156.256 Bjorkhagen.floating light shade in laneway.left of white cafe,hotel sign in laneway.
1861.474,-3854.298 St.Anna Church,“History Repeats Itself” quest.south of,floating deck chair ourside
3door green shed.
572.121,-3985.179 Hagaboda.from Alby church down main street.gap in 2 areas where ground doesn’t meet little raise in terrain.
-1489.871,-3759.240 Bergrum"Myskoxen".outside 3 door green building.floating deck chair,blue drum,rubbish around top of bin.
-2391.137,-3270.605 Norrmyra Artillery Base.around a few 3 door green buildings.floating deck chair,red cylinders.
-999.604,-3062.852 south of Rusksele.tear in ground.
In Rusksele,tear in ground to side of a red barn and near pond.
-1019.052,-3449.097 Rucksele. other side of water,tear in ground.
-43.326,-817.450 Broskulla.grass floor in house.
-896.010,568.371 F23 Overby Air Base.green 3 door building,floating deck chair.
((seems to be a common problem with green 3 door buildings with deck chairs))
-5009.048,1326.169 floating shrubs around house.

-4733.802,343.762 Muskuddens Lodgement.floating deck chair,green building.up hill from port.
-4978.967,395.332 up hill from port complex. lge rock hill,rear side needs work(not joined).
-1318.628,3532.416 Saltholmsbio.around 50 speed sign.fall through world.need to walk around
area,not sure exactly where,near house i think.heading away from Masskar direction.
was doing “wrench in works” mission,don’t know if always their.
-3474.965,-708.278 down road from St. Maria Church,at T junction with sign Salthamn + Hagaboda.
road not meeting correctly.
-3808.183,-381.985 SE of Toresta.farmhouse,upstairs,fall through floor.

“Law of the Land”. Icon still on map after finishing quest days ago.on bridge just above Overbyan.

The part about “sharpen the landscape” is probably down to the Anti-Aliasing the game use FXAA and TAA, both those introduce a bit blurriness. If you are on a PC you could try what’s described under Anti-Aliasing here. https://generation-zero.fandom.com/wiki/Settings_configuration

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Coordinates are great!


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Thank You so much.:smiley:

Dont have coordinates but made Screenshots of Map:

Path under wall does not make any sense. If it would be a security door/wall, which comes/came down, it would have destroyed all pipes going through it.

Missing doors:

Uttern Bunker floating fax machines

This is still in the game after the May patch. I might open a topic about it to see if that this wall is expected to be there for some reason.

Doors have lock on them, but still open. The lock floats and will not let you enter the truck. Ostervik Hamn 1445, -42

I got a few of these
Just north of Sandbo, there seems to be a path model floating above the actual path(-2324, 1312)(PC)

In the safehouse next to the Savered label on the map, there is a lantern that’s swinging as if it’s hanging on something, but it looks like it’s sitting on the ground(-3029, 2049)(PC)